Thursday, October 25, 2012

Goodbye Josie

Good morning everyone.  Welcome to my first official Thursday ramble.  Today's ramble is going to be more topical (I'll get to that in a second), but first I wanted to let you know that I lost 3 pounds in 3 days using the 'Alabama 3 Day Diet'.  This brings me down to 228 pounds, and I have a friend at work who is trying to track down a juicer for me that his sister is looking for in her storage.  This "friend"..., we'll call him Sam, is the same guy, who right in the middle of my 3 Day Diet at work on Tuesday night, just a half-hour into my shift, ORDERS A PIZZA...  "Hey Coach, would you like a slice?!"  Yeah, that's...  awesome..., but I can't...  :(  He STILL had half of this thing leftover when the shift ended, and it STILL looked good...  I just read some bad news when I logged on about ten minutes ago.  It seems that Josie (her blog is listed to the right - Very Josie) is not going to blog anymore.  Josie has a great personality and I enjoyed reading her words the second that I found them.  I'm hoping that this is some kind of Bizarro World April Fools' joke, but I fear that it's not.  I'm going to miss you Josie...  One of the first things that I did when I arrived at work last night was to ask for Monday and Tuesday off.  I am so glad that I looked up the details for the final table of the World Series of Poker when I did, because it's still likely that I will be able to get the days off.  I watched a little bit of the WSOP play on our muted t.v.'s at work on Tuesday night leading up to the final table, and immediately started to get that poker itch...  I must say that I have been SURPRISINGLY AT PEACE with the whole situation that happened out in Las Vegas (regarding the break-in) since my return to San Marcos, America.  Thanks to finding a place to stay and going back to work almost immediately, I have never really mulled over the situation as much as I thought I would have.  Our part of the world is about to get hit by a cold front, so if you live in this area, BUNDLE UP...  The high's and low's are going to be about twenty degrees lower here starting tomorrow than they have been for the past week.  This is just in time for Halloween, and that holiday made me notice something amusing last night.  The stacked bars that I work at - Harper's/Slacker's/The Veranda...  Well, the top and bottom bars were open last night, and Harper's (the bottom bar) was just DECKED OUT with new Halloween decorations yesterday.  Last night Harper's saw SO MANY MORE customers than on the two previous weekdays, and I'm SURE that this was due to the decorations being up...  Everyone is a kid at heart, right?  :)  I'll be back tomorrow with this week's football predictions, hopefully my second week of winners in a row...  Have a great day and play smart Josie...  ;)

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