Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blue October

"I'm so scared to make another mistake in the end, but I just wanna be happy again..." -Blue October- (For My Brother)

Good morning everyone.  It's a very pensive type of morning on 'Bikini Hill' (can mornings be pensive?) as I battle my cold into Day 7 (it seems to be retreating).  My sleep "schedule" (using the term loosely) is not going to like me as I just woke up about 45 minutes ago after another nap (I can't keep track of how many I've taken since leaving work after my shift ended early Monday morning).  'Blue October' happens to be the name of my favorite band (one of my favorite songs and lyrics is included above for your listening pleasure), but this post is more autobiographical, about where I'm at during my birthday week, coming during a month in which I have now been sick for 7 of the first 10 days (I never said that the lyrics weren't fitting).

So I've been back in San Marcos, America now for about forty days, after what can best be defined as a month-long vacation to Las Vegas (painful even typing the words into my keyboard).  I'm not betting football parlay cards (I'm barely even watching football games as a matter-of-fact, ESPECIALLY in comparison to your average sports bettor), I'm not playing poker (not even at MSN, the breeding ground of all great poker players).  I hope that none of you just choked on your coffee right there - maybe spit a little bit onto your own keyboard, but not choked...  So now I'm sitting in the same place as I was at about this time last year, asking the same questions...  Do I squirrel away all of my money for a year, and then move to the desert?  (YES was the answer to this question last year).  Do I squirrel away a lot of my money for a year, but include a trip to Las Vegas and/or a few trips to Oklahoma and Louisiana in there, hoping to win some money, while remaining aware that taking these trips could very possibly push back a move for another year?  Do I get a second job and just run myself COMPLETELY RAGGED for a year (this option doesn't seem too appealing when being typed by someone who is already sick at the moment), giving myself a bigger cushion to move with, but NO/ZILCH/ZERO life during the upcoming ten months (the term 'year' also being used loosely, since the lease is up and the end of July, for those of you keeping score at home...)?  Do I not move at all?  Is there a dream-job nearby that I haven't found yet, and/or a dream-girl, which would be fulfilling enough to make me forget how enjoyable (and sometimes profitbale) sports betting and poker playing can be?   Will Batman find Batgirl and Robin in time, or will they meet their demise? (sorry, that seems to have slipped in from another strand of questions in the universe)...

So anyway, those are the thoughts going through my mind here on 'Pensive, Depressing Wednesday' (that has potential written all over it)...  Let me take a moment to apologize to my fellow bloggers (that list of links that you see to the right of this blog - my 'reading list') for not having been by more lately to brighten up your posts with my witty, insightful comments (eye of the beholder sort of thing) as I've been battling this cold and have not done much except for working and sleeping.  As you wade through this pool of brutal honesty, let me insert here that you do not have to worry about me - I am nothing if not resilient, and I just need to figure out which direction to aim my sail next.  I'm actually not a sailboat kind of guy, so maybe that's the problem...  :)

Okay, so I'll be back on Friday with a "recipe" for you, and hopefully some winning football picks.  Just remember not to take what you read here too seriously.  It seems that after reading my 'Cowboys/Texans Fans' rant this past Friday, the NFL decided against scheduling EITHER TEAM to play last Sunday...  The power of the keyboard...  :)  I hope that all of you have a great day and I'll see you again on Friday!       


  1. as I battle my cold into Day 7 (it seems to be retreating).

    Have you tried something called Airborne? I've started using it when I feel a cold coming on and it works like a charm. Sold at Wal-Mart and probably WalGreen and CVS.

  2. Next time maybe... :) Thanks Mojo!

  3. Blue October is hit or miss with me. They have released a few songs that I absolutely love and can listen to constantly, but they also have some that I wish I could just delete and forget that I heard.

    Hate Me is an amazing masterpiece of a song