Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cookies And Cream

Good morning everyone.  Today you get sort of an unplanned Thursday ramble.  I just worked my first shift at work since getting out very early Monday morning, and if I had to bet on it, I would wager that I am going to beat this cold without being gouged for antibiotics (being familiar with my wagering success as you are, the cold probably has 50/50 odds)...  This is officially Day 8, but the cold is very weak at this point.  Not too long after I finsih typing for you, I plan on taking the nap which hopefully will kill it off.  Tonight at work I decided that I am definitely going to try to do more writing, whether that be freelance, doing more with the blog, or what lies behind door number three...  I wonder how many readers are not old enough to get this old gameshow reference (what is this 'door number three' that Coach speaks of?)...  I saw an interesting sign at the grocery store after work tonight.  I may have mentioned before (and I may not have) how small the infrastructure of San Marcos, America is to be playing host to football games at the newly expanded 30,000-seat Bobcat Stadium.  This definitely includes parking headaches, which are exacerbated by the fact that a few  (if not all?) of the stadium parking lots are now used for tailgating...  This very popular tailgating started at some point after I graduated, shortly after the opening of the new library and the new student recreational sports center (also after I graduated), but I digress...  So, the H.E.B. (Texas grocery store chain) about a quarter to a half-mile away from Bobcat Stadium has signs now that notify potential gameday parkers that the lot is not to be used by football spectators and that they will be towed.  How would you like that job?  You know that it is now someone's job to be stationed in that parking lot to determine who is shopping and who is going to the football game.  What if someone gets out of their car, goes into the store, and then exits and walks to the football game?...  :)  What makes it worse is that this H.E.B. has been under construction for some time now (as seemingly half of San Marcos has been), and this has limited the number of available parking spots right out of the gate.  So another sign that my cold is fading is that found myself in the mood to buy some ice cream tonight.  So after picking up some other items, I reach into the cooler and grab a half gallon of my favorite ice cream (definitely one of my favorites available in a store anyway).  So, for a person who has never been much of a "cookie guy"..., and when I say this, I would especially be referring to Oreos - I honestly don't know if I have EVER bought a package of Oreos for myself.  Yeah, you guessed it (or you read the title to today's ramble) - Cookies & Cream...  It only took me one time to try Cookies & Cream and I was hooked...  I still can't believe that you're getting a recipe here tomorrow...  The SAD THING is that I really should have gone at least 7-3 this past weekend on my picks...  Somehow I got my google ads back, so enjoy them...  Months ago, and I mean MONTHS, my ads disappeared at about the time I changed the layout of my page to include my 'reading list', which brings you to many other fine blogs.  Well, their blogs are fine, and I'm writing about ice cream...  Anyway, I notified google of this on a couple of different occasions (my layout page still SAID that I wanted ads, but I couldn't get them to work).  A few days ago, I had a little megaphone (the best way I can describe it) icon on my information page that said Google needed some information from me so that ads would appear on my page.  I provided Google with this info. and the ads still weren't there.  When I clicked 'contact us', I was lead to the first of many hoops (i.e., if this is your problem, this may be the solution)...  WHY do companies make it SO DIFFICULT to get in touch with them?  This economy is SO GREAT, let's do our best to aggravage our customers more...  Anyway, after I entered yesterday's post, I noticed that the ads were back, so enjoy that...  :)  I hope that you have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow with a recipe and some football picks...


  1. I had the same issue with the ads.
    In fact, Rob pointed out to me that they appeared to have been pulled after a profanity laced Tirade that I went on where I used several words that are forbidden for White People.
    So, I just got annoyed and took the ads away completely.
    Turns out that adsense just wanted some info from me.
    Now I'm back to earning 1 or 2 pennies per day
    Oh, get rich quick scheme how I missed you

  2. "Profanity laced tirade" - I don't believe it! :) Yes, I earned .01 yesterday - I can see that light at the end of the tunnel again... ;) I pretty much want to JUMP that person that is liking your facebook status about having to miss the Steelers' game tonight, but I'm keeping my composure...

    1. it appears as though "missing" the Steelers game was a good thing...
      2 Oline guys hurt, 2 RB's hurt, Ugh....

      Just read stuff on the game and watched some video.... this season is tanking hard