Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Phone Chargers And Windpants

Good morning everyone.  The title of today's entry was originally going to be the title of Monday's post, that is, until I went and ate breakfast with my coworkers...  This little story is definitely Las Vegas/poker-related though, so here you go...  I moved out to Las Vegas at the start of August for those of you who might not know, and I returned to San Marcos, America after only one month because my place was broken into.  Recently we had a little cold snap here in San Marcos, so I started looking through my closet, a random pile of still-yet-to-be-put-away-clothes, and some still as of yet unpacked bags to find my windpants.  Windpants, as in some people work out in them, and some coaches wear them on the sidelines, windpants.  Well, unless I notify you otherwise in a future post, the windpants were STOLEN...  So at this point, to the best of my knowledge, the only things that were taken from my temporary apartment in the desert were my android charger (which cost me $30.00 to replace), and 3 pairs of windpants.  Right beyond the door that was kicked-in three times by a boot was the desktop computer that I am currently using, on the refrigerator secured by magnets were SEVERAL football parlay tickets that I had already bet (and don't tell me that the burglar(s) already knew how my picks would struggle to this point in the season), I had several sports jerseys in my closet which was obviously looked through (a door was left open that I always left closed), and these were the items that were just in plain sight...  Anyway, it seems apparent that the intruder(s) was somehow spooked, but my phone charger and windpants of all things...  I have even found the backpack which contains my DVD player, which was still there...

Well, I have the days off from work, and I have confirmed with Dad that I should be able to get rides to and from the airport, so now I will definitely be looking for a good deal on flights and a hotel room so that I can visit Las Vegas sometime between the 16th and 26th of December.  The timing of this coincides with the slowest time of year in San Marcos, America, which is the month-long break between the fall and spring semesters, and it also happens to occur right before the onset of the vast majority of the college football bowl season, which can be wagered on thoroughly utilizing two-dollar parlay cards - WHAT... A... COINCIDENCE!  Hotel rooms in the desert are also very inexpensive at this time of year and the temperature isn't in the 100-degree plus range everyday, so...  :)  My tentative long-term plans also include a visit in the late spring or early summer (if I do not feel that I have the means to move back to Las Vegas at the end of next summer) so that I can stop by the World Series of Poker and meet up with others in the poker-blogging community.  I will let you know more about the progress of these plans in the future.

I also have the intention of doing more writing on this blog, but I haven't decided if that will involve dedicated days for other specific topics, like my Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays are currently set aside for Rambles/Las Vegas & Poker-Related Material/Sports (respectively), or if I will just write about other topics on random days when I feel the motivation to do so.  For those of you who are newer here, tracking my football picks in a convenient format, and posting them for "the world to see" (giving me the opportunity to lose my pride or maybe gain respect, since I wasn't going to actually be losing or winning any money on these predictions) was a reason that I began this blog.  For example, if I picked 2 games out of 100 right, then moving back to Las Vegas probably wasn't a good idea (oh, to be 2-98 right now)...  What I didn't anticipate was the friends that I would meet, so that has been a big upside (for any of you who may be considering starting a topical blog and have the good fortune to find others with the same common interests)...

That is what is happening here in San Marcos, America as I prepare to begin my five-day workweek tonight.  I hope that you have a great day, and I will see you again on Friday with this weekend's football predictions!


  1. Wind Pants are a valuable commodity here in Las Vegas Coach.
    It's getting to be about the season that someone might want to wear some and it's no coincidence that your wind pants were stolen.
    In fact, you were probably targeted because you looked to be about the same size as the burglar and he figure'd you for "that type of guy."

    Looking forward to your visit in 2 months

  2. Ha ha - I had already worn them... I LOVE them, especially the zipper-pocket ones because I can play poker and be out and about, feel comfortable, know that nothing is going to fall out of my pockets, etc... Offshoots of telling a few people this here before I made this entry were, "yeah, you used to wear windpants a lot..." - "yeah, you always did have a crazy sleep schedule..." - "do you still drink a lot of red bull?..." Friends... :P

  3. I had never heard of windpants until this post. So what are they, pants specifically designed to break wind in?

    I'm sure I missed it but what job do you have now that you escaped back to San Marcos?

    It's a shame it didn't work out in Vegas after such a short stint. I know getting burglarized sucked, but still, after all you went thru to move there, leaving so soon was a damn shame.

    Almost definite I'll be in vegas when you go in December so hopefully we can get together.