Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What's The Flashlight For?

Good morning everyone.  You're getting a Tuesday ramble today.  This is one of those days that I'm going to do an "extra" post...  When I was at the library of my alma mater last night in beautiful San Marcos, America, I pretty much decided that a second weekly ramble and some content about Texas State University (the alma mater) will be prime suspects for some of my extra typing.  I was involved with/saw something very weird and maddening just outside the library during the early evening yesterday.  Imagine if you will about 70 yards of brick wall, about 3 feet high, basically configued at a right angle.  This would be the wall surrounding the open area/sidewalks used by students on campus as they pass the student center and the library.  I was sitting at the right angle talking on my phone, with NO ONE else anywhere along the brick wall, ANYWHERE (yes, I used "anywhere" twice - that was for emphasis)...  I look up to see this genius (who I presume was a student - he had a backpack..) walk up and take a spot within 3 feet of me along the wall, playing music from an android/I-pod WITHOUT earphones...  His back was to me as I shot him a "what the hell are you doing?" look as I got up, and audibly said, "are you kidding?" as I walked across the plaza to another part of the brick wall.  I reseated myself about 30 yards away from where I had been, facing him on a different stretch of wall parallel to the walkway, and continued my phone conversation.  He jumped up on the wall and started dining on his Chik Fil A.  I wasn't really close enough to know that it was Chik Fil A, but I learned afterward, after his napkin blew off the wall, and he just looked at it laying on the ground, and after he finished his meal, as he released his waffle fries container like a frisbee to float down onto the ground below...  He left, I walked back over to where I had been, looked down to the 'CHIK FIL A' on the abondoned waffle fries container, picked up the napkin (score one for Coach), and cursed my alma mater for letting this toolbag onto campus...  REALLY???  Okay, so I'm at work the other night, and I was standing in front of our fine establishment (Harper's Hall) inspecting the driver's licenses of some potential customers when from behind me, I hear the inquiry, "what's the flashlight for?"  Without hesitation, in monotone, I deadpanned, "So I can see??"...  The more that I thought about that in the next few minutes, the more stupid the question became - I'm shining a FLASHLIGHT on a driver's license...  WHAT do you THINK it's for???  There are almost 35,000 students enrolled at Texas State, and as the above tales indicate, that number should probably be almost 35,000 students minus 2...  Day 1 of my Alabama 3 Day Diet went fairly smoothly, but I will admit that I took a 'catnap' about 2 hours ago, and that I dreamed of ordering a pizza while I slept (I kid you not)...  :)  As I passed away most of the evening at the campus library thumbing through 'Sports Illustrated', 'Texas Monthly', and my android, the Lions and Bears DID STAY under 47 1/2 points for the game (Chicago 13  Detroit 7 - I didn't see any of the game), making me 6-4 on my football picks, and giving me my first winning week since..., seemingly the dawn of time.  :)  I basically just need to continue hanging out at the library if I want to replace the android charger that I had stolen in Las Vegas for free.  As I went to sit on a couch with my 'Sports Illustrated', I saw a guy with a couple of girls get up from a table and start walking past me.  I happened to look behind their group, and started saying, "hey...  EXCUSE ME...".  This was loud enough to stop them in their tracks, and when they turned, I asked if one of them had left a cord back under the table.  One of the girls said, "wow, he did" (I had now done my second good deed for the day)...  Later on when I switched to the 'Texas Monthly' (and switched couches), and abondoned charger was left plugged into the wall (and I just left this one in the hopes that someone would come back for it, looking for it where they had left it)...  For those of you who may be new to the blog today, I was writing about macaroni and cheese earlier this month, so don't complain...  :)  I think the likelihood is very strong that tomorrow you will be reading about the current prices of holiday round-trip flights with hotel rooms for trips to Las Vegas from San Marcos, America.  Have a great day and I'll see you then...


  1. I think this just proves that there are D-Bags everywhere.

    Congrats on your winning week.

    1. San Marcos was like a 2-4 limit game yesterday MOJO... :) It's sad that my winning has been so sparse that it has to be congratulated, but thanks! ;)

  2. If you don't replace your charger before coming back to visit me in Vegas - I'll give you one of the 3 that I currently have.

    I just recently gave my 4th one away which is why I have so few :)

  3. Thanks Serge - I had to replace it when I got back here - MUST have a home charger... :) You have any extra windpants? ;)