Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Old Lady Conned Me

Good morning everyone.  This is a poker post from the same 2-4 limit game that I played at the Flamingo with Lucki Duck and the cool couple from Buffalo (who I will now refer to as P and J).  If I have not mentioned it before, other than pocket tens, the hands that I get into the most trouble with are hands from the blinds that turn into something, just not enough...  At this 2-4 table, with P and J sitting to my right, and Mr. Duck to my left, there were 3 older ladies sitting to the Duck's left.

In this particular hand that I'm describing, I'm sure that I was one of the blinds, I just don't remember which one.  The hand that I played was somewhere in the vicinity of 6 2 suited (spades).  After an unraised flop with 2 spades, the first of the 3 older ladies to the Duck's left (from here on out she'll just be referred to as 'the old lady' because she is the only 1 of the 3 relevant to this hand).  I mentioned that there were three because J (this would be Mrs. Quads, P's wife) was not a big fan of the trio, nor was I...  :)  Anyway, the old lady bets out, gets a caller or two, and of course I call with my flush draw.  The turn does not make the flush, so I check again.  At this point, the old lady says something to the effect of (maybe Lucki Duck can help me here - I am not positive that this is verbatim, but it's in the ballpark), "well, my good hands never hold up anyway" - she checks after this statement, as does everyone to act after her.  Remember, she bet out on the flop, then gave "the speech" as the Duck would say, which should have told me (although I was suspicious, but thought, "no, she CAN'T BE angle-shooting, not her...").  BA HA HA...  The turn brings the third spade, so I bet out with my monster 6-high flush, and the old lady raises me (SHOCKER for all of you bloggers who have ever played poker or read my drivel before).  The action comes back around to me, and I HAVE TO see it for four more dollars - NO WAY this elderly lady conned me, right?!  I call and then of course she flips over the ace-high flush (A 5 I think)...  I think that I brought up her little broadway skit in some comment that I made to Lucki (who sitting to my left, is right in-between us, so of course I'm speaking in her direction).  She makes a comment to the effect of, "well, I wasn't ahead at the time..." (I think the flop paired my deuce, or whatever my lower card was).  The moral of this story:  'Don't Trust Anyone'...  :P 

I've been back in San Marcos, America for just over a month, and surprisingly I'm holding up well.  I still haven't figured out my next move yet.  I don't know if I want to save for another year and move back to Las Vegas before next football season, or save for two years, or meet (or realize that I already know) the future Mrs. Coach, or if the Mayans were right and that anything after December is just irrelevant anyway...  It's not easy for me to watch football (and I haven't been playing the free poker online either), and I had surmised earlier that I might be almost crushed if I went 10-0 in a week on my football picks, with the amount of money that I would make for a weekend with relatively low risk (I do like my parlay cards)...  However, after going 3-6-1 last week, I have decided that if I don't go at least 7-3 this weekend, I might just type a recipe for next Friday's blog entry...  With my football picks this Friday, I will DEFINITELY be leading with a write-up about the thing that annoys me the most about Cowboys and Texans fans (one thing for each group).  I hope that all of you have a great day and I'll see you again on Friday!  And go wish Linda Lou a Happy Birthday today if you know her!  ;)



  1. I thought at the time it was a good call. You had a speculative hand that hit and you were getting what... 200-1 odds to call the raise? I think we both knew you were probably beat, but in Vegas you never know, so you HAVE to make the crying call.

    I hope San Marcos is sitting well with you.