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Cheat Meal

"Do not fall in love with people like me.  I will take you to museums, and parks, and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can never go back to them without tasting me like blood in your mouth.  I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible.  And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people..." -Caitlyn Siehl- (via Joy Dyer)

"I've got some imperfections, but how can you collect them all and throw them in my face?"
-Staind- (Right Here)

"Sometimes you have to move on without certain people.  If they're meant to be in your life, they'll catch up..." -Mandy Hale- (via Valerie Saenz)

Good morning everyone.  I wasn't sure if I should title this post 'Cheat Meal' or 'The Bus.'  Since the cheat meal storyline is good for me personally, I went with that, but we'll start with the bus stories, just because I'm annoying like that...

This first story is one that I meant to tell you last weekend, since it happened at the end of last week.  I was leaving campus for the day, and when my mostly empty West Campus bus showed up, I had my Droid in my right hand and my backpack in my left hand as I went to take my seat.  I was going for the far left seat in a row of three seats whose backs are up against the window on the driver's side of the bus.  Too late, I found out that this driver WAS NOT WAITING for anything, and before I could even sit down, the bus JERKED FORWARD, and I lost my balance and fell toward the far right seat of the trio.  Fortunately for me, I didn't crash onto the seat, as it was occupied by a girl...  YEAH..., I fell down RIGHT ON TOP of a girl (don't worry, this is going to sound at least TEN TIMES WORSE when we get to that cheat meal section a little bit later)...  My upper body landed on this poor girl's left arm and shoulder, while my lower body landed on her left thigh. Fortunately for both of us, this girl is about 5'10", fairly athletic, and not only did she NOT get crushed to death, but she actually ended up catching me...  When I regained my balance, I popped over into the seat that I was aiming for originally (there was no one in the middle seat).  I immediately said, "sorry about that hon," and she replied, "that's okay..."  After a few seconds, I added, "she's really serious" (referring to the bus driver), to which this awesome girl responded, "don't worry, it happens all the time..."  Then she went back to whatever she was doing on her phone, without missing a beat.  What an INCREDIBLE disposition!

This bus story isn't as happy, but it's a good example of how I'm slowly but surely beginning to lose my patience with thoughtless people...  "You will finally understand why storms are named after people," from the quote above..., YEAH...  I rode the bus on Thursday to get my groceries (which I'll list for you later, and YES, my blog RARELY gets this exciting...), and when I boarded the bus after shopping, the driver informed me that his bus was now out of service - WONDERFUL...  He then irritated me more by informing me that the next bus would arrive in a couple of minutes.  You see, the new MetroRapid bus stops here in Austin have an electronic board which tells you when the next couple of buses will arrive, and I already knew that the next bus after his wouldn't be getting to the stop for ANOTHER fifteen minutes (which it did).  So I take the long bus ride home, but as I go to depart, carrying a bag of groceries in each hand, while wearing a backpack loaded with more, three guys decide that they MUST board the bus before I can leave it...  Hmmmm...  Being in the chipper mood that I was, I deadpanned, "Really guys..., seriously???," which accompanied my thrilled look as I stepped past them and off the bus.  I even gave the back of the bus (where they boarded) the "evil eye" as I crossed the street, which wasn't gratifying for me AT ALL since the bus has tinted windows...  ;)

This last story is more of a bus stop story, kind of...  As I walked to work one day this week, a female jogger ran by me about two blocks shy of Guadalupe (the street that separates West Campus from the actual UT campus).  Due to the stop light at Guadalupe, I was able to continue walking while she had to stop and wait.  "I can't believe you let me catch up with you" were the words that I greeted this total stranger with upon reaching her, and yes, she laughed, because she's obviously one of the cool kids...  ;)  Since I am extremely shy, there's no telling what you're going to be reading about here if I move back to Vegas for more than a month this time...  :P  And yes, there's a bus stop just to the right of where this jogger was standing, so it's a bus stop story, kind of...

Okay, lets give you a Las Vegas photo (because that's what we do here)...

This shot is one of my favorites, capturing the city just before twilight, as the sun is preparing to set (thanks for defining 'twilight' for us Coach)...  You'll notice that this is a "retro" photo as the old Stardust stands proudly in the foreground (to the right).  I've been finding these old photos online and rotating them through my facebook and twitter accounts as cover photos (yes, I lead an exhilarating life)...  ;)

Basketball?  Sure...  Joey and myself both repeated our awesome 2-3 weeks from the opening of the NCAA Tournament, so now we're both sitting at 4-6 on our best bets (so you want to move to Las Vegas and bet sports, eh?)...  However, I am sitting in a good position on my pre-tournament prop bets, and I have the Kentucky Wildcats to thank for that.  Let me list the remaining three teams that still have life for me in this tournament...

Team/Final Four Odds/National Champion Odds

Florida - 17/10 - 5/1 (Florida has clinched a spot in the Final Four - I'm rich!!!)
Michigan State - 9/4 - 6/1
Kentucky - 12/1 - 33/1

Now if you'll remember, I invested $24.00 in my little experiment.  I've been reimbursed $2.70 so far (the $1.70 for Florida clinching, plus the return of the dollar that I bet on the Gators).  I would get back a little more than $3.00 if Michigan State wins later today, and I would be reimbursed $13.00 if Kentucky is victorious.  This gives me a little leverage, and I can now "hedge" my bets if I want to guarantee myself some money.  I can bet on Michigan to wins today's contest against the Wildcats, and I'll be guaranteed to get some of my money back (since I'll receive $13.00 if Kentucky wins).  I also have the chance of "middling" here and winning twice, since Kentucky is actually a 2 1/2 point favorite (if I bet on Michigan (+2 1/2) and Kentucky wins the game by 2 for example, I'd win the Michigan bet and my prop bet).  As I said before, if I had spent the same amount of time learning the ins and outs of sports betting that I've put into poker (it hurts even thinking about it)...  Anyway, I haven't decided how much I'm going to hedge yet, but I don't want to deposit into this Bovada account again before I move to Las Vegas, so I will probably guarantee myself some money here.  If Kentucky does win today, you see that I'd receive $33.00 back for my initial $1.00 bet if they were to win the tourney, so we may not be done with the hedging...  ;)

Okay, now we're (finally) at the point where we're going to talk about cheat meals, and how proud I am of my friend Leanne, and even a little proud of myself...  ;)  First, this photo came across my facebook feed earlier in the week from the 'Training Truths:  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly' facebook page, with the accompanying tagline...  "Since I didn't get my cheat meal yesterday....  I treated myself to a little salad with my ranch.  nummm numms"

OF COURSE I had something to say about this...  "You might be hardcore if your cheat meal IS A SALAD!"  Yeah, that sounds like something I'd say...  ;)  And although I was already going to pass along everything that I just shared with you, Leanne posted a "throwback" photo on Thursday which enables me to show you the definition of hardcore...

On the left we have Leanne 2009, and on the right, we have Leanne today...  I am SO PROUD of you Leanne!  :D  And I have to be sure that she knows that, because after I saw this photo on Thursday, I immediately messaged her, "You are unbelievable..."  You see my friends, I got on my scale a few weeks ago, and almost broke it...  Okay, not quite, but I weighed-in at (sit down if you're not already..., and hold your breath...) TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-FIVE POUNDS!!!  (cue ominous music)  NOW YOU SEE why the girl on the bus is lucky that I didn't crush her to death, and why my joke to the jogger was funny...  ;)  ANYWAY, on that day almost 2 weeks ago, I decided that I was going to end that nonsense, and changing my diet has enabled me to lose 7 pounds in 11 days.  It seems like it wasn't five minutes since I learned that I had lost the weight before I saw Leanne's comparison photos shown above...  I'm not going to gear the theme of my blog toward weight-loss in the coming weeks, but I think that you will be interested in what's happening here, so I'll cover it real quick.  After that scary weigh-in, I went back to NO cokes, NO bread, NO chips, and NO microwave popcorn.  Additionally, the shopping receipt that I'm looking at from Thursday includes:  eight heads of lettuce; cauliflower; black olives; mushrooms; tomatoes; avocados, and cucumbers.  Can anyone say "salad" my friends?  And yes, that would be REGULAR MEAL, not cheat meal...  ;)  Yogurt and bananas can also be found on that receipt... There's NO WAY that I'm going to be carrying 245 pounds around the desert...

Now we have an interesting photo that my brother shared on facebook last night...

Up til now, I didn't realize that it was possible to sit HIGHER THAN THE SCOREBOARD at the AT&T Center...  ;)  My brother and his family have evidently been seeing more hockey than usual this week (the AT&T Center houses the Rampage in addition to the Spurs down in San Antonio). I'm not going to share the photo from the suite that they were in the game before this one, because they're punks for not inviting me to that game...  :)

I hope that you enjoy the start of the Major League Baseball season (isn't it EERIE how I haven't mentioned baseball here AT ALL yet since I'm not playing fantasy this year?) and I'll see you again on Tuesday!




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