Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Just Breathe

"And breathe..., just breathe..., oh breathe..., just breathe..." -Anna Nalick- (Breathe - 2 A.M.)

"I'm not slurring my words, I'm speaking cursive..." -via Mandy Jones-

"Dogs have owners, cats have staff..." -Woody Paige-

Good evening everyone.  I'm just sitting here at my computer watching hockey as I begin this entry (I took the Flyers (+1 1/2) @ the Rangers).  Yes, that's right my friends, I'm a basketball snob. Louisiana Tech is playing at Florida State in a perfectly good college basketball game, but because it's an NIT game and not an NCAA Tourney Game, I can't watch it...  Hopefully my viewpoint will change by the time that I've moved back to the desert, when I should be looking under every rock and scouring the betting sheets for every profitable wager, but Flyers/Rangers just interests me more tonight...

Speaking of turtles (huh?), I came across a neat tattoo recently that carries a good message...

Okay, let's get back to basketball, and to my prop bets for the NCAA Tourney.  From the 12 teams that I began with a week ago, 8 are still alive as we prepare to begin the 'Sweet 16.'  Strangely enough, I still have 2 of my 3 picks playing in each region.  The next 2 days will be very interesting for me as a spectator, as 3 of the games will feature matchups pitting 6 of my 8 remaining teams against each other.  This means that I am guaranteed to have at least 3 of my selections playing in the 'Elite 8' for a spot in the 'Final 4.'  Let me give you the odds against my remaining teams reaching the Final Four and winning the national championship, and I'll follow that with their matchups for the next couple of days...

Team/Final Four Odds/National Champion Odds

Florida - 17/10 - 5/1
UCLA - 10/1 - 40/1

San Diego State - 9/1 - 50/1
Baylor - 14/1 - 100/1

Michigan State - 9/4 - 6/1
Virginia - 3/1 - 12/1

Louisville - 8/5 - 13/2
Kentucky - 12/1 - 33/1

So yeah, if Baylor takes home the trophy, I'll be pretty happy...  ;)  For those of you who are joining my little experiment late, I bet $1.00 each on 12 teams to reach the Final Four and also to win the championship ($24.00 total).

That would bring us to our "best bets" for the 'Sweet Sixteen.'  It's time to give you our 5 best wagers for the next 8 tourney games...


Coach's Tourney Best Bets (Last week 2-3/Overall record of 2-3)

Iowa State (-1 1/2) vs. Connecticut - Cyclones beat my Tar Heels, BETTER cover here...
Florida (-4 1/2) vs. UCLA - Gators have looked impressive so far...
Michigan (-2 1/2) vs. Tennessee - Have to take Wolverines against upstart Vols...
Dayton (+3) vs. Stanford - Flyers Cinderella over Cardinal Cinderella???
Baylor (+3 1/2) vs. Wisconsin - Bears have been SCORCHING HOT recently...

And now it's Joey's turn.  You must note that both Joey and myself went 2-3 on our best bets last week, so take our picks (well, at least mine) with a grain (shaker, OCEAN) of salt...  I must also say here that fellow blogger Lightning36 picked the Spartans of Michigan State to reach the Final Four and likely win the national championship before the tournament even began (for the record)... ;)  And now, coming to you live from the Palace Station Sportsbook in Las Vegas, here's Joey... Oh, and just so you know, it's a complete coincidence that Joey and I picked the same 5 games out of the 8 for this blog entry...

Joey's Tourney Best Bets (Last week 2-3/Overall record of 2-3)

The opening round of the tournament lived up to its name.  Three of the four #1's continued on, and an 11-seed plays a 10-seed.  This proves there is more parity in college basketball.

My top bet starts with this matchup.  Stanford has a great inside game and will want a slow grind game.  Stanford 53  Dayton 47

I have yet to be sold on Wisconsin.  They lost to Nebraska and have not played consistent since. Wisconsin is bigger, but Baylor is much faster and their bench is deeper.  Baylor advances 81-71.

There is a reason that Florida is the #1 ranked team and they are playing strong on offense, defense, and in transition, which is what they will do against a young UCLA team.  It's Florida 74-62.

Iowa State is still my dark horse to win it all, even with one of their best players injured.  I think Iowa State starts fast and stays ahead.  Iowa State 67  Connecticut 61

Finally, my new favorite team in the tourney gets a Big Ten team.  Yep, Tennessee...  They are angry that they had to play an extra game.  This week the Vols get to take it out on an overrated Michigan squad.  Tennessee moves on in a buzzer-beater.  Tennessee 63-62

That's all for the elite parlay card.  Final Four picks next week.  May all your parlay cards cash!

Stanford (-3) vs. Dayton
Baylor (+3 1/2) vs. Wisconsin
Florida (-4 1/2) vs. UCLA
Iowa State (-1 1/2) vs. Connecticut
Tennessee (+2 1/2) vs. Michigan

And this would be the part of the blog where I steal of few photos from my friends and then watch the rest of the hockey game (Rangers 1-0 after 1, if you must know)...

In addition to his picks, Joey did provide us with this picture on facebook recently...

Someone has a sense of humor is all that I have to say...  My friend George shared this one, and called it a "man-size Bloody Mary."  Amen...

My new favorite drink...  ;)  And my friend Renetta found this one, although I believe that these rules apply equally to adults...

Have a great evening, enjoy the 'Sweet Sixteen,' and I'll see you again on Saturday!


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  1. i am with u on the NIT. NO BILLION DOLLAR bracket 4 that.same 4 the womens final four.i am pulling 4 dayton just bcuz my mom went there b4 she met my deadbeat dad.i am just happy my raiders didnt pick up vick but sad that they re-signed msfadden thou.not sure about matt schaub. well good luck on yr picks,bro