Sunday, August 17, 2014

Attack Of The Pink Chicken

Good morning everyone.  Well, not so much...  Saturday night capped off what has been a pretty horrific week for me at the poker tables (I really should have heeded the almost choking on before swallowing a whole Vitamin C drop at the start of my session as a warning), the kind that will have me looking for a job or heading back to Texas or doing something if things don't change pretty fast.  In what appears to be a weekly Saturday poker theme now (it's only been Sunday here for 2 1/2 hours at this point), some more soul searching is going to be taking place.  Let's fast rewind to earlier in the week, where I was playing 2-4 limit hold 'em here at the Flamingo.  Scott, my friend and a former poker dealer here, nicknamed this place "The Pink Chicken."  Okay, so during one session, I was at a table when a regular managed to get pocket aces three times in a half hour.  I ran my pocket queens into them once, and I had AJ on a jack-high board another time.  She managed to win with her aces all 3 times at a 2-4 limit table, if you're keeping score at home.  Last night I had my aces cracked in a 2-4 game by a woman with pocket kings who hit one on the flop (boo hoo, I know).  A bigger injustice came in a 2-4 game yesterday (fyi, these yesterdays are Friday) when I had pocket kings and 2 players, both holding a 2 (one with pocket deuces), went runner-runner from the flop, both rivering their 4-out 3 to make a straight (x 6 5 4 3).  Fun times...  Fast forward back to Saturday night, when I figured that I'd sit in the no limit game here to avoid heartache.  Guess again...  I had about 3 1/2 hours more to get for Monday morning's freeroll here before I sat.  My original $100.00 buy-in was at about $75.00 when this hand occurred...  I limped in with pocket 9's, and the player to my left raised to 7.  A few more players tagged along, and I called.  The flop came 10 9 x, and I checked.  The player to my left bet 15, everyone else folded, and I shoved my remaining 67.  He called and i showed my 9's.  He nodded and told me that he had queens.  Turn blank, river queen (you already knew, right???)...  So instead of being up about 60 or 65 bucks, I'm now down $100.00.  I go ahead and buy back in for another $100.00.  Just to make me feel better, this guy caught a straight flush playing 4 7 of diamonds to win a big pot, and the $100.00 high hand bonus here...  Okay, so with my second $100.00 buy-in, I'm now at $85.00 when I look down at the black pocket kings.  The action ahead of me has been raised to $12.00 with a caller.  I shove my $85.00 and get a call from the original raiser before the other player folds.  I flip my kings and he shows me his (anyone wanna guess?  c'mon, I bet you get it right...) aces...  The board blanks out, and now I'm down $200.00.  Viva Las Vegas...  Staying out here is predicated on me making money (and I really only have to make about 35 or 40 bucks per day to do so).  HOWEVER...  Ugghhh...

So after all of that, I go up to the floor person and confirm that I'm good for Monday morning's freeroll tourney here.  I'm also less than an hour shy of qualifying for the Pink Chicken's monthly freeroll tourney at that point.  So I check my wallet, and buy into the 2-4 limit game for $40.00.  The way I felt at that point, I wanted to get my 50 minutes in, and RUN AWAY FAST.  I broke exactly even in 2 hours of 2-4 play, and just to rub salt in my wounds, I won TWICE with KK in that game...  Merp...

Okay, so on the bright side, I'm qualified for Monday's freeroll tourney here, as well as the monthly (50 total hours needed).  The bad news is that I don't cash in freerolls, but that's another story...  ;)  I plan on taking the rest of the day off from poker (I may actually get back into a 2-4 game here with my $40.00 and PRAY that I hit a royal flush for $500.00, but that's another story - I have lots of other stories, don't I???).  Anyway, while taking the rest of today off, I will get my chores done and STUDY football in preparation for the kickoff of the NCAA season on the 28th.  I will also study for the start of the NFL season on September 4th.  I will then play in Monday's freeroll tourney here, and after that I will probably pay a visit to the Monte Carlo's poker room to accumulate hours for their freeroll tourney next Saturday (I seem to have a little bit better luck dosn the street)...          

Okay, enough of that.  I now have a preview for my next blog entry.  There may or may not be some poker content, but we are DEFINITELY going to be discussing Spam...  This would be the SLIMY, COAGULATED "meat substance" that OOOOOZES out of the can when you finally hit it hard enough, and not those tedious unwanted e-mails...  SOOOO..., Valerie (whose facebook status was responsible for starting all of this), Norma, Ann, Joey, Olivia, Yvonne, Barbara, Gracie, Miletus, Jennifer, Chrysteen, Nici, and Daisy (Valerie, you'll have to tell Daisy), tune in next time, because WE ARE going to talk about SPAM!  YUCK!!!  And just a reminder (to be clear), I only pick on people I like...  ;)  Actually, a few of those people that I just listed are on my side, and will be receiving gold stars...  :)

Enjoy your Sunday, and I'll see you soon...


  1. There's run bad and there's run really bad. Variance is a bitch for sure.

  2. Hang tough Coach. A couple of freeroll cashes and everything will look better.

    1. Flamingo freeroll tomorrow, I'll qualify for Saturday's Monte Carlo, Flamingo monthly in early September, and football starts in eleven days. I'm gearing up Lucki, and thanks for the support!

  3. David Elmore, I didn't want to publish your e-mail address without your permission, but I wanted to answer you. I'm currently having trouble with my e-mail account. My blog is much more detailed than my facebook account (which is private/hidden), so I'd have to add you. However, you can also follow me/communicate with me through my Twitter account @coachatx - thanks for your interest and support!