Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chores And Poker

Good afternoon everyone.  I got a solid 9 hours of sleep in a row last night (Midnight - 9:00 a.m.), so I'm getting closer to feeling like myself.  The funny thing is, once I'm completely rested, I know that marathon poker sessions and poker/football sessions won't be out of the question, but my battery is being recharged nonetheless.

I ventured to the Monte Carlo to complete my freeroll hours there (5 more) yesterday after my cash in the Flamingo Freeroll (see yesterday's blog entry for recap).  My card-deadness continued in the 2-6 spread limit game, as I lost about 30 bucks in 3 hours.  When that game became short-handed, I switched to what was a LOOSE 1-2 NL table.  I remained card dead except for one hand, but that hand enabled me to cash out over 60 bucks ahead for my session, thus erasing my earlier SL loss.  I ecstatic to tell that this hand was KK.  I didn't want to tell you about my pair of losses with kings at the Flamingo on Friday, because I hate to perpetuate Rob's loathing of the "dreaded pocket kings."  :D  However, I'm more than happy to recount ths hand.  Again, very loose table, so I was being tight, even for me.  There was so much raising, and my image was so tight, I limped from early position (UTG+1) with the cowboys, hoping for a raise, so I could shove.  I only bought in for 100 again, and had 80-something at the time.  I limp, a few others do, raise to 15, call, BAM, I shove my stack.  The raiser calls, the other guy folds.  I flip right away, never ashamed to show anything shove with (unless someone wants to be a jerk).  Other guy lets board run out, then shows his AJ.  A jack hit, but that's it, and that was basically the extent of my session.  It was very entertaining to watch however as I hoped for big hands (back to the Flamingo Tourney, I was card dead for the day).  There was probably close to 3,500/4K on the table in this 1-2 game, but that's with like 4 players having less than 200, so there were some big stacks, and more than half of that was brought into the game after I sat (people reaching into their pockets or going to the ATM and returning, and this is before 9:00 on a Monday night).

So today I've basically done CHORES til now.  I changed the address on several of my current and cancelled accounts (apartment, bank, cable, phone, insurance, blah blah, blah blah)...  I also like where I'm living, so I paid rent for the next month.  If I can maintain what I've done in my first four days of poker, I'll be all set.  I also made the discovery at the Monte Carlo sportsbook last night that the lines and totals (overs/unders) are already out for Week 1 of the NFL.  I knew that the opening NCAA lines were out, but now I can bet on anything for the first week, college or pro.  :D  Now I just have to make myself sit still long enough to STUDY...  ;)  That sounds wonderful, but someone is going to head out the door to get started on his Flamingo Freeroll hours for Friday after he hits the publish button.  ;)  Have a great day!

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