Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Start Of The Marathon

Good evening everyone.  I'm just sitting in the sports book at the Quad right now as I ponder whether to play here or at the Flamingo tonight.  I need ten hours for each freeroll (Flamingo Friday/Quad Saturday), and I didn't end up playing any at all since the end of yesterday's Flamingo Freeroll.  I had a GOOD DOSE of sleep, and a pretty constructive session or more unpacking last night.  I also had a weird dream this afternoon about being on the wrong plane (to come here presumably???).  I had a bunch of scattered junk on the plane with me (very similar to the contents of one of the duffle bags that I emptied last night), and I was trying to organize all of this and sit by her at the same time.  I'm guessing that we hit it off when we flew together in another one of my dreams (hey, I don't know)...  :)  Anyway, she moved over to allow me to sit by her, and then she said that she was going to Austin.  I thought that this was weird because I believed that we were already in Austin, or that it would be weird for me to fly back to Austin (I think my destination was Las Vegas).  Anyway, I had her check the flight number on her ticket, and I did the same, and I discovered that I was on the wrong flight.  If you follow my blog regularly, you know that this dream was more strange because I drove out here (no planes involved)...  ANYWAY, I got some GOOD SLEEP...  :D

So yeah, I'm ready for a big helping of cards tonight.  This will be my first cash game action since the 2-6 spread limit at the Monte Carlo before their freeroll on Saturday afternoon.  I didn't feel quite right after publishing my blog entry yesterday, and I didn't feel like competing against all of the regulars at the Flamingo.  I thought that I'd go home and rest, and then come out again last night, but when I woke up, I decided to work on my apartment some more.  I've probably slept for something like 17 of the last 31 hours.

Anyway, that's your update, and you probably won't hear from me until late tomorrow or sometime on Thursday unless something dramatic happens (like I win a hand or something)...  ;)  Have a good one and I'll see you soon...


  1. Between your dreams and Tony's dreams, I may just try to stay up for 6 nights during my upcoming trip. I'm sort of scared. Apparently, Vegas messes with your head at night!

    1. Ha ha - you always forego sleep during your excursions Pete. Now you're just looking for a scapegoat... :)