Monday, August 4, 2014

Goose Bumps

Good afternoon everyone.  I ended up catching up on some sorely missed sleep yesterday, so I didn't end up posting.  I got home at 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning after that Monte Carlo session, slept from 7-11 a.m., unpacked stuff while watching a Law & Order marathon and the start of the Giants/Bills game til about 6:00 p.m., and was so tired that I had to take a 2 1/2 hour nap.  I then unpacked some more until my buddy Joey gave me another ride to WalMart (I discovered that Sunny D bottles are the perfect size for carrying tea/Gatorade to the Strip).  In addition to buying nine more Sunny D bottles (so I only have to mix Gatorade and tea once a week), I also failed to buy laundry detergent on our first trip to the store (and yes, I "washed" my clothes with straight fabric softener on Sunday)...  :)  Thanks again Joey!  Resting up was probably a good idea since my first freeroll tourney at the Flamingo was today.

Oh yeah, chasing freerolls...  Get used to it gang, because you're going to be reading about results from several of these...  I anticipate playing in freeroll tourneys from Friday thru Monday in the foreseeable future.  Today I was in the Flamingo tourney (I'm typing this from the Flamingo Poker Room).  The tourney had 84 entries with the top 20 getting paid.  I don't think that I've played in a live tournament in a Las Vegas poker room in more than seven years, and my juices were flowing when this thing began.  And I was..., CARD DEAD.  In the 2nd level (50/100) there was a raise in front of me to 225, and I reraised to 1,000 with pocket queens.  He folded, and that was it.  CARD DEAD...  We started with 3,000 in chips, and at the break we had 58 players left.  Then came the 400/800 level, when players started dropping like flies.  I was the big blind, and my 10 8 flopped 2-pair.  The preflop limper (who meant to raise) shoved the Q 10 8 flop, and his QJ didn't improve, so I doubled up.  The very next hand, thr button shoved for 1,900, and already in for 400, I looked down at 10 10.  About my least favorite hand (right up there with the evil hand - Q 10), I had to call.  He flipped A K and I won the race.  That put me at 9,100 chips, and those are the ONLY THREE hands I played by choice before the bubble.  In the 2,000/4,000 round with 21 players left, I was the small blind with 1,000 left, and folded around to me, I folded AK because I "knew" that I would cash in the next orbit.  I did make the top 20, and then after waking up with an AQ vs. a KQ, and sucking out with my 9 2 vs. KQ suited, I managed to get around the table, but my shove (under the gun, automatically all-in the next hand) with A 7 was outdrawn by 4 2 (the big blind, who was already in for the amount of my shove of 8K (4/8K level).  The flop came 4 3 3, and although I was busted, I feel extremely fortunate to place 13th considering my lacks of hands.  Not 5 minutes after I busted, 2 more players were felted, and the top 10 received $350.00 each.  Maybe on Friday...  Now I have to decide if I'll play at the Monte Carlo (5 more hours needed to qualify, the MGM, or here today).  Have a great day and I'll see you soon... 


  1. Congrats on the cash. Sometimes you have to take what the card gods give you.

  2. Congrats on the cash.

    Let me get this straight, it FOLDED to you in the Small Blind and you folded AK? Wow, Compared to you, I'm a total aggro maniac. Just sayin'

    1. Thanks Rob. If I call there, I'm all-in for 3K, and the BB is 4K, so they'll run the board out. I keep that 1,000, and I'm convinced I'll cash. There were 21 players left at that point, and we were playing hand-for-hand at the 3 tables... If I lose, I get nothing, but if I fold, I'll get $150.00...

    2. Oh I get it, it's just a super-tight play. Also, hand-for-hand is excruciating. And if everyone is playing tight on the bubble, as they usually are, how can you be sure that you won't be the next person busting out even if you fold? That damn big blind can sure come around again fast when you don't want it to.