Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Big Snooze

Good evening everyone.  Since I got home from playing poker at about 3 a.m. last night (I'm now qualified for Friday's Flamingo Freeroll and Saturday's Monte Carlo Freeroll), I managed to sleep about 12-13 hours (only broken by lunch) before waking back up about an hour ago.  I was wondering when I was going to catch up, because I hadn't had nearly enough sleep after having been up for the 31 hours straight since I made the trip here.  And you know me, with the unpacking, and the poker freerolls and qualifying, and the football season that is looming in the offing, my mind has just been racing so much that I haven't allowed myself to just sit still for a second.  Speaking of that, I plan on heading down to the Strip later (you must be shocked) to check out the Quad and Harrah's poker rooms.  I just realized that at this time a week ago I was approaching El Paso (only awake for about 13 hours at that point)...  ;)  I think that I might also stop by the sportsbooks tonight to look at the lines and totals on tomorrow night's preseason NFL games.  It's so cool that football is just around the corner...  :D  In an interesting twist, it has rained or been overcast for several of the days since I returned, which is pretty rare here in the desert.

A little while ago I was snooping around here in the blog, trying to figure out if it was possible to upload photos somehow, and the only ones I could figure out for sure are ones that have already been used in the blog...


Here's an oldie but goody, as we find Alyssa powerlifting her cat Belle.  Evidently I've used photos 386 times in this blog (387 now).  It seems like I might possibly be able to use some Google Plus ninja trick to upload photos from my phone somehow, but I haven't investigated this yet.

Things in Las Vegas have changed, but they still remain the same.  Some of the old places are gone, and have been replaced by new attractions and casinos.  The new Linq area (with the 'High Roller' ferris wheel) seems to be a really popular place.  I haven't been down to the area which housed the Sahara (and soon the new SLS casino), but it's supposed to be really fancy when it opens.  Maybe I should head down that way tonight.  So many things to do...

Well, it's 6:00 p.m. here now, and I feel like I should get something accomplished.  :)  I've got the freeroll tourneys in the offing, and like the title of my post (Goose Bumps) suggested recently, I do get "psyched up" to play in those (even more than the regular cash game sessions I think).  I realized last night that even just playing the Flamingo and Monte Carlo freerolls each month, I would be participating in at least 11 tournaments a month (8 weekly Flamingo, which are held on Mondays on Fridays, 2 bi-weekly Monte Carlo tourneys, and a monthly Flamingo freeroll).  That's not to mention if a month has an extra Monday or Friday, and doesn't account for any Quad, Harrah's. MGM, or other freerolls I might qualify for.  There's lots of poker going on in the desert from my perspective, and I've only been to a limited number of rooms so far...

Okay, now it's 6:15 p.m., and I'm really going to get up from this couch...  :P Have a great evening and I'll see you soon!

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