Monday, August 11, 2014

Back At It

Lady:  "Do you have *** by Dior?"
Me:  "Oh no, sorry (pointing to shelf), these are the only ones we have in that collection."
Dumb Lady:  "So what are you saying?  That you don't have it?"
Smart Me:  "No, what I'm saying is only special people can see the invisible bottle, and since you can't see it..., you can't have it..." -Alma Medrano-

"I will not buckle, I will not break, I will not be beat..." -Leanne Calderon-

"Where do you run when you lose what you love?" -Belyne Gonzalez-

Good morning everyone.  Since my cash in the Monte Carlo Freeroll on Saturday, I took the rest of the weekend off.  I think that I need to plan my sleep/rest better to take advantage of the opportunity to play against the tourists (more casual players) who come to town for the weekend(s).  Due to the back-to-back Saturday freerolls (Quad/Monte Carlo) and having played late Friday night after the Flamingo Freeroll to cap off a full week of poker, I was pretty beat.  I returned home at about 8:00 p.m. on Saturday night, ate while I watched some Cardinals/Texans preseason ball, and then I slept through til yesterday morning.  I spent most of yesterday doing some more unpacking, doing my wash, taking a well-deserved nap :D, and going to WalMart as Joey came through again with a ride.  We may have to give my friend the moniker 'Superstitious Joey' after last night's conversation, but we'll pick on him some other time.  Anyway, I probably have a month's worth of food at my place now (seriously) and I haven't used any of my poker comps yet (everywhere that I've played gives you $1.00 an hour for sitting in cash games).

Okay, so back to the present, I just played the Flamingo Freeroll after playing no poker since Saturday.  I'm sad to say that I didn't cash, finishing 40th in the field of 89.  I was more active in this freeroll than any other to date, partly out of necessity, and partly due to getting some cards.  I won an early hand (25/50) round heads up when I raised 10's to 150 preflop, then bet the jack-high flop.  From middle position in the 200/400 round, I raised A 7 to 1,100 and everyone folded.  In the 400/800 round, I was in a lot of pots.  Relatively short-stacked, I shoved my KJ, which flopped a jack and fended off Q2 (BB call).  I shoved 9's for 4K on the very next hand and the table folded. In the BB I made a play that was a mistake in hindsight (if I could only see the future)...  A early position player called all-in for 800.  The table folded to the big stack SB to my right (duh), and he limped in.  I looked down at 10's, and shoved to isolate the all-in.  Well, the SB folded, and I found myself up against aces.  The flop was 4 10 4, and the turn was a 10...  Had I just limped in this case, the SB may have bluffed the board into my boat/quads as the hand progressed.  On the very next hand I lost all of my profit from that hand I woke up to AQ in the SB.  We had an all-in for 1,700, and I flat called from my 400 SB.  The BB came along and we checked down the low board.  I wouldn't have made anything by betting as the BB showed QJ, but the all-in's 5 gave her the pot.  With about one orbit of life left, now in the 800/1,600 round, I faced an all-in and looked down at 55.  I called the all-in (I was in late position), and found myself heads up with AQ.  Ace on the flop, and I'm typing this post for you.  Merp...  Now I get to figure out where I'm going to play today - here, the Quad, the Monte Carlo...  A few hands of note from this tournament that I wasn't involved in...  I once again saw AK clash with KK, with KK winning this time.  Pretty early on, I saw the UTG to my left shove with the evil hand (Q 10) preflop, only to face a pair of all-ins (AA and KK).  I folded my 96 in the BB, which of course would have made the straight and whacked all 3 hands (AA won).  Ah, more good news.  As I sit here in the poker room typing this, they just reached the final table (the top 10 cash for $350.00 each).  This woman who was running EXTREMELY HOT in the 2-4 game Friday night (AA 3 times in half an hour hot) just cashed.  I ran my QQ and my AJ on a jack-high flop into 2 of her 3 pocket aces.  As I think about now, I should be thankful that it was 2-4 limit I guess...  :P  Anyway, good for her...  lol (not bitter at all, obviously)...  ;)      

Okay, now to make my gameplan for this week.  Have a good one and I'll see you soon...


  1. If you steal pots at the poker table like you steal quotes, you will be very successful. You can quote me on that. : o )

    1. Ha ha. When I made that play with A7 for 1,100 (because I'll have to be more aggressive or start catching some hands), one of the guys THOUGHT about it, and I was just WILLING HIM to fold Lightning... :P