Thursday, September 11, 2014

Camping At The Westgate

Good afternoon everyone.  I'm coming to you from the Westgate (formerly LVH, formerly Las Vegas Hilton) Superbook.  Thirteen years ago today I was standing by the door to my classroom in San Marcos, monitoring the hallway during the passing period when a neighboring teacher informed me that an airplane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers.  God Bless America, today and every day...

Settle in, because today's post is going to be fairly long.  I used a good chunk of yesterday figuring out how to utilize RTC Transit (the buses here) to get myself to the Nike Factory Store located south of the Strip (5.5 miles from where I live), and my friend Joey gave me a ride to WalMart on Tuesday so that I could load up on groceries again.  This is to say that there's a reason that you haven't seen me since Monday night.  I wouldn't have arrived here so early today except for the fact that a ticket writer had told me on Monday that the Westgate receives their football parlay cards on Wednedsay afternoon.  This isn't the case evidently, but I've decided to make the best of things and camp out.  I'm actually no further on my football studying than where we left off in Monday's post, but I thought that I'd check in with y'all before I continued studying.  Let's start off with our weekly football picks since Joey was nice enough to check in already.  Live from the sportsbook at Palace Station, here's Joey!

Hi everybody.  This week I am going with 5 college games and 2 pro games, plus I'll give you my special pick.  Here are my top seven picks for this week...

Joey's Lucky Seven (7-7 overall, 2-5 last week)

Bowling Green (+6.5) vs. Indiana - B.G. RB averaging 5.8 yards per carry.
Louisville (-7) @ Virginia - Cards 'O' not missing Teddy Bridgewater.
Central Michigan (+7) vs. Syracuse - CMU QB hit 7 different WR's last week while Syracuse was outgained by Villanova.
Arkansas State (+17) @ Miami - Gotta stay w/the hot team, & ASU is 8-3 as a road dog.
Rutgers (+3) vs. Penn State - Big because both schools recruit the same kids, but PSU still shorthanded due to NCAA sanctions.
St. Louis (+6) @ Tampa Bay - Rams have deeper O-Line & Lovie Smith's 'O' is still way behind.
Seattle (-6) @ San Diego - I'm playing the Seahawks until the line gets too high or they lose a couple in a row.  Until then, they are the best in football.

That's all for the parlay card.  Almost forgot my NMSU pick of the week.  The Aggies are 2-0 for the first time in forever.  UTEP is only 30 miles down the road and this is a pretty good rivalry game.  I don't think that NMSU (+11) wins, but they do cover the spread.  34-29 Miners.  Thanks, until next week...

And thank you Joey.  When Joey and I chatted on Tuesday, I realized that I have to mention to y'all (to be sure that you understand) that I'm really not rooting against Joey when we make these picks each week.  We're both trying to make money, and barring us picking different sides of the same bet, I'm hoping that he wins every bet that he makes.  Joey could write a blog and tell you SEVERAL STORIES involving humor in the sportsbook, but I've got one for you from Monday.  I was sitting here at the Westgate, relaxing and looking up at the lines, and I could overhear a couple of guys chatting behind me.  The conversation basically involved one guy reading the list of college games and giving his thoughts on who he would bet.  When he got to one of them, he stated, "I'm betting the under on that game..."  My eyes started spinning in their sockets, and it was at this point that I actually had to turn around and SEE who was talking.  You see, they don't put out college totals (overs and unders) until late in the week, so that "under" that he'd bet doesn't even exist yet.  There's NO NUMBER!!!  WHAT are you betting under?!  ANYWAY, here are my seven favorites for the weekend...

Coach's Lucky Seven (6-7-1 overall, 4-2-1 last week)

Seattle (-6) @ San Diego - Center problem and short week for Chargers vs. well-rested Seahawks...
49ers (-6.5) vs. Bears - Niners officially open Levi's Stadium...
Falcons/Bengals (Over 48) - Falcons won't hold Bengals to FG's (5) like Ravens did, but Falcons tally numerous scores themselves...
Packers (-8.5) vs. Jets - Packers are well-rested and at Lambeau...
Cowboys/Titans (Under 49) - Cowboys 'D' played hard against 49ers, and Titans are 'D' minded...
Pats/Vikings (Under 49) - Pats O-Line showed chinks and Vikes like to run...
Eagles/Colts (Over 53) - Foles vs. Luck, and no Mathis for Colts...

My misses last week (Philly/Jax over by 1 1/2, SF/Dal over by 7, and Den by 1) prevented me from having a pretty nice week.  I obviously makes bets in addition to my 'Lucky 7,' but if/when I go 7-0 here, I'm going to have a pretty profitable week at the book.  As you can see, my NCAA action will be fairly light this week.  I just seem to do better on the NFL games...

Have a great day and I'll see you soon...



  1. I'd be interested in learning what your personal record is for a long session...

    I played 28 hours once (about 8 years ago. It was 3/6 limit at the Hollywood Casino Tunica. I started at 4 Saturday afternoon and played straight through to 8 p.m. Sunday evening. I was one tired puppy.

    1. All 3 of mine were 3/6 also, at the Mirage about 9-10 years ago - I should have mentioned that MOJO... :)

  2. I have no idea what my record for longest session is, but I'm willing to bet that it was shorter than it takes to read my longest blog post. There....beat everyone to it.

    Hate to be "that guy" but Venetian 1/2 is 9-handed, so you were in seat 8, Tony in 7 and grrouchie took seat 9.

    I don't actually remember the hand when you had quads....did that happen after I left, of did it just slip my mind since it was ME with quads?

    Anyway, it sounds like if grrouchie hadn't bet, one of the other two might have but the other one would have folded, grrouchie would have folded, and it's unlikely that you would have made any more money, or just a little bit more.

    BUT....under TBC logic, maybe you have a case. Tony wanted PPP to reimburse him for all the money he lost when PPP was in Vegas, since he came there to see him (news to Pete). I guess you could ask grrouchie to pay the amounts you would have won from the fish if he hadn't bet. No doubt you would have stacked them both! I'm sure grrouchie will agree.

    1. And Grrouchie's here RIGHT NOW!! Pay up!!!

    2. If I don't bet he loses to runner runner straight flush and as such he owes me for saving him

  3. Staying away from UCLA this weekend? Man, I would never bet against my Bruins, but if I didn't have a rooting interest, Texas would look awfully appealing...a 7 point dog at home, the way UCLA has looked so far? Is Texas really that bad?

    1. I have UCLA on some tickets - the game in is Arlington, and the new coach at UT has been suspending players left and right. BYU beat Texas easily in Austin, but struggled with Houston last night in Provo.

  4. I've played 36 hours a couple times, and 24+ hours several times. Most of these sessions were in low stakes limit games (3-6 or 4-8). I think it's unwise to play this long, I don't think anyone plays (or smells) their best after sitting at a poker table for over 24 hours.

    1. Wow, you are still young - the Venetian, T.I., Mirage thing wasn't a fluke.... :) When I began playing early on, I wrote "Don't Play Tired!" In my records after several losing sessions Dave...