Saturday, September 13, 2014

Have A Nice Weekend

Good morning everyone.  I just finished putting in over ten hours of poker toward the Monte Carlo Freeroll, but instead of immediately going home, I'm posting JUST FOR YOU...  Okay, we all know that I'm using the wi-fi here.  Also, we know that if I don't post now, there's a high likelihood (about 100%) that you wouldn't see any words from me all weekend.  I figure that if I drop you a quick line, I'll realistically get about six hours of sleep before the first game that I care about today (kicking off at noon P.S.T).  Baylor came through for me last night (I was giving up 35-ish points and the final was 62-21 Bears).  The poker went horrificly (at one point I had my AA cracked by A5 in the 2-6 spread limit game).  The way that I'm looking at it however (upbeat as always, of course) is that I'll get my hands in the bi-weekly freeroll tourney.  I will be the first one to remind you about how my J 10 cracked K 10 in last Saturday's tourney when we were at the $175.00 cashing level, and that I eventually cashed for $500.00, so I'm calling that a $325.00 suckout.  I would actually still be playing right now if every game in the room hadn't broken already.  I jumped between the 2-6 SL and the 1/2 NL tonight, and after the final game (the 1/2 NL) broke, one of the dealers (who knows that I'm trying to accumulate freeroll hours) says, "Awww, the game lasted until 7 in the morning yesterday..."  WONDERFUL...  She's a pretty nice lady, but just another bad beat...  ;)  That's one thing that's challenging about this room - you have to time it just right to get your hours in.  Of course having cashed in three freerolls here, I'm not going to complain about that, or in the difficulty (no chance) of getting an energy drink here.  I won't complain ANYMORE...  ;)

I'm hoping to have a very good weekend of football (DUH).  I am more disciplined than when I lived here before in picking "extra bets" and filling out that many more parlay cards.  I'm also betting a lot more 4 and 5-teamers than I used to, and I'm avoiding bubbling in so many longshot cards (8, 9, 10-teamers).  Before you criticize my "system" (too late?), the prevailing wisdom is not to parlay your bets, and to put the most money on the bet(s) that you feel the most confident in.  That strategy would have gotten me CRUSHED over the past two weeks as my favorite wager was to bet against the UTSA Roadrunners in both weeks.  The VAUNTED team from San Antonio is at Oklahoma State later today, and I am RUNNING from that game...  Running..., RoadRUNNERS...  I could entertain y'all for SECONDS...

Anyway, take a peek back at my "lucky seven" for the weekend (mine are all NFL bets, so as long as you look before tomorrow) and WILL my wagers to victory!!!  :)  Have a great football weekend and I'll see you soon!

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