Thursday, September 4, 2014

Let's Try This Again

Good afternoon everyone.  I wandered into the sportsbook here at the Mirage a couple of hours ago, started looking at parlay cards and messaging with Joey, and when I looked around a few minutes ago, ALAS, there are now quite a few people here.  Is something special happening today???  Today is the kickoff of the NFL season, and the Packers and Seahawks will be teeing it up six hours from now.  When I last left you, I managed to hike to the Monte Carlo and play NO POKER.  I decided that I'd use my comps to get their lunch buffet (I told you that I was going to eat).  WELL, after I stuffed myself (and the food was not great, like I had been told), I managed to sleep for ELEVEN HOURS STRAIGHT after I returned home!!!  4:30 p.m. - 3:30 a.m. were the initial hours of my body's recovery.  My body evidently wasn't happy with the fact that I had ventured to and from the Strip for seven straight days, and I continued to get much needed rest throughout the day yesterday as I never left my apartment.  So here we are, and once I publish this entry, I'm going to fill out a few parlay tickets.  Joey went 5-2 last week while I went 2-5.  He gave me his picks early, and I had already tabbed my favorites for this week, so here we go...

This is a full week of football, my favorite time of year.  I had a decent start last week.  Let's see if we can continue that streak.  Here are my best seven...

Joey's Lucky Seven  (5-2 season record)  (5-2 last week)

Army (-2.5) vs. Buffalo - Buffalo blew 3-score lead in 4th last week.
Michigan St. (+13) @ Oregon - Sparty has good chance at upset.
Tulane (+10) vs. Georgia Tech - Jackets love to run option, which also runs clock.
Wyoming (Pick) vs. Air Force - Cowboys looked like Wyoming of old last week, while Falcons are 4th-worst team in nation.
Pittsburgh (-6) vs. Cleveland - Steelers against Johnny Football, that should explain it.
Tampa Bay (-1) vs. Carolina - I like to bet against the public, but this is the exception.
Giants (+5.5) @ Lions - Giants are better than people think.

Added pick:  Georgia St. (-2) vs. New Mexico St. - Georgia St. QB threw for 436 yards last week, which is not good for my Aggies.

Just because Joey is a nice guy, I included the current (+5.5) Mirage line for his Giants pick, even though he gave me the game at (+4).  Before you go crazy betting Joey's picks, I happen to like all 3 of his NFL bets (kiss of death), but they didn't crack my 7 best picks.  Here's what I like this week...


Coach's Lucky Seven (2-5 season record)  (2-5 last week)

Navy (-3) @ Temple - Navy played Buckeyes tough last week.
Ole Miss (-19.5) @ Vandy - Vandy looked PITIFUL last week.
Eagles (-10) @ Jaguars - How does Jax stay in this game?
Phil/Jax (Over 52.5) - Eagles will score most of it.
49ers (-5) @ Cowboys - How does Dallas get stops?
49ers/Cowboys (Over 50) - Scoreboard guy will be busy.
Denver (-7) vs. Indy - One touchdown cover at home is doable.

First, I don't think that my photo with Drea caused my demise last week, so we're back...  :)  Second, both Joey and I like Arizona tonight.  The Wildcats are (-7) @ UTSA.  I told Joey that we wouldn't use Thursday games for these posts, and that's the reason I didn't include it myself.  Houston had at least two turnovers in the UTSA redzone last week, and the Cougars also snapped the ball over their punter's head to set up a UTSA TD in that game.

That's all for today, but I'll be back soon as I still have to catch you up on last week's events, most notably the bloggers playing poker together at the Venetian.  Have a great day and enjoy your football!


  1. What, not taking UCLA this week? They're only favored by 24 or so. Easy cover.

  2. Hilarious - wait til it's your money Rob...

    1. Hey, it goes with the territory, right? Win some, lose some. I do something as dumb as sports betting.....I play poker. And get my dreaded pocket Kings cracked routinely.

  3. Nice tip on the Arizona Wildcats. haha.