Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cashing Winners

Good evening everyone.  Evidently I've decided that I'm going to talk about the football part of last week right now - I'm currently at the Mirage Sportsbook after cashing the last of my winning tickets for the weekend, so why not?  I just went back and discovered that my 'Lucky Seven' went 5-2 on Sunday, and I only fact-checked that because this entry will cover the specific teams that I parlayed in a little more detail.  I was thinking that I had included the Eagles (-6.5) in my "7" - however, I discovered that I had actually substituted the Ravens (-1) at the Browns for this pick.  Joey and I discussed this at the Westgate Sportsbook while watching the early NFL games on Sunday.  I have given us a "press deadline" of Thursday so that I can type up our 'Football Friday' picks on either Thursday night or Friday.  Joey often submits his selections to me on Wednesday, which gives me even more leeway.  However, we both continue to evaluate games throughout the week, right up until the time that they kick off basically.  That will also explain all of the "auxiliary picks" that I referenced in my last entry here.  Tonight I have included a photo of 2 of the last 3 winners that I cashed today, and you can see how the different bets that I liked survived to get me to where I had a winning weekend.  Of course you'll find these in the Facebook and Twitter 'ads' for this entry, since I'm not a technology expert...

Okay, my 'Lucky 7' for last week...  The winners were Dallas (-1), Colts (-7), Ravens (-1), Saints (-9.5), and Redskins/Eagles (Over 50).  My losers were 49ers (-3) and Packers/Lions (Over 52.5).  The Packers/Lions over (19-7 Lions) was my big whiff of the weekend.  THEN, after winning that $500.00 in the Monte Carlo Freeroll, I decided to invest an extra $30.00 in parlay tickets (while I let that buffet digest), and I made some really good picks...  The winners were Texans/Giants (Over 42), Broncos/Seahawks (Under 48.5), Chiefs/Dolphins (Over 41.5), Bengals (-7).  The losers were Eagles (-6.5) and Texans (-2.5).  A few things to note here...  You may see a different number on the parlay tickets for a game in the photo because I'm taking these numbers from last week's sheet, but they'll be close.  I may also be leaving out a few bets (certainly the college ones) that ended up on surviving tickets because I really used them sparingly.  However, you'll see that a few did get through.  And believe me when I tell you that I would have made a LOT MORE $$$ last week if I get the 49ers, Eagles, and the Packers/Lions under to cover...

Where my fledgling system differs from the conventional wisdom is that you should load up on your big bets, but doing so would have bitten me once again this weekend.  Even as Joey arrived at the Westgate, he messaged me to ask which bet I liked best on Sunday, and at the time it was the 49ers (-3) at Arizona.  The Cardinals had to play Stanton at QB again, Dwyer was out, and the Niners were embarrassed by the Bears in a comeback a week before on Sunday night.  What I have basically been doing is laying out $125.00ish in "micro parlays" (2 or 3 bucks each), and then watching games and hedging tickets when the possibility arises to guarantee myself money.  I plan on skipping the poker this week while focusing solely on the football to see if I can keep tweaking my "system."  Something that I forgot to mention (but that I told Grrouchie when we watched the Week 1 NFL games together at the Westgate) is that I pretty much include a bet on both the Sunday and Monday night games on every ticket that I purchase.  This allows me to increase the payout on each ticket (more bets) while giving myself ample time to hedge.  I will admit that figuring out exactly how much I want to hedge, and the aftermath of that (watching the games) makes my Sunday and Monday nights VERY interesting...  :)

I hope that you enjoy the photos of the parlay tickets and seeing which combinations survived until today when I cashed them.  :)  Again, Joey and I will have our favorite picks to you for this week by Friday at the latest.  It is VERY LIKELY that I will see you before then since I'm not doing weekend posts right now...  :P  Have a good one and I'll see you very soon...


  1. I'm almost dreading picking teams this week, I've been bloody awful thus far

    1. It's a new week my friend. I was so obsessed with 'how many cards with how many teams at what price I wanted to fill out this week' when I went to sleep that I kept having math dreams about it... :P