Thursday, September 25, 2014

For Whom The Belle Tolls

Good evening everyone.  I'm back at the Mirage, eagerly awaiting this new weekend of football as I continue working on my betting "system..."  I usually show Joey's picks first, but he must be doing his homework, so I'm gonna go ahead and type mine in.  I wonder if there's any correlation between my excitement and my success last weekend - hmmm...  :)


"For Whom The Belle Tolls..."  Well, I certainly hope that THE Belle tolls for me again this weekend.  I went 5-2 here last week and also did very well on my auxiliary picks with this cute feline presiding over my selections...  :)

Coach's Lucky Seven (14-13-1 Overall, 5-2 Last Week)

Ole Miss (-19.5) vs. Memphis - Strong Rebels team hosting mid-major Tigers.
Notre Dame (-10) @ Syracuse - Spread confuses me??  Because the game is in New Jersey???
Colts (-6.5) vs. Titans - Had a hard time not putting this one on every parlay card.
Lions (-1.5) @ Jets - Lions 'D' plenty for Jets 'O' if they don't celebrate sacks.
Jaguars/Chargers (Over 45) - Bortles finally in at QB to launch footballs with Rivers.
Falcons (-3) @ Vikings - Falcons hit their stride against Bucs, while Vikings couldn't even score against Saints.
Steelers (-7) vs. Bucs - Bucs have to plug leaks in sinking ship @ Heinz against Steelers group that found something Sunday night...

I'll be the first to admit that college games make me nervous, but with 6 teams having byes, I lost 6 NFL betting opportunities this week (3 lines and 3 totals).

Now coming to you live from the Palace Station Sportsbook here in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, HERE'S... JOEY (cue old 'The Tonight Show' theme song)...

Busy, busy week at Palace Station.  The parlay cards are out, so it's time to go 7-0.

Joey's Lucky Seven (11-16-1 Overall, 2-5 Last Week)

Missouri (+6) @ South Carolina - The Tigers have made the transition to the SEC.
Nevada (-5) @ San Jose - San Jose is just not a good program.
Boise State (-13) @ Air Force - Broncos are proving they should be a Top 25 team.
Iowa State (+21) vs. Baylor - Cyclones have played to the competition.
Colorado State (+6) @ Boston College - The Rams are playing good football.  I'm riding them for the next couple of weeks.
UL-Monroe (-11) vs. Troy - ULM is better coached & has better players.
California (-10) vs. Colorado - The Bears have been the surprise in the PAC-12.  They had Arizona beat til a last second Hail Mary.  This week they say, "No mercy."

After shorting us on picks last week :) , Joey gave us extra this week.  First he gave us a "3 for 1" in the Eagles/49ers game.  He likes the 49ers (-1) in the 1st half, the Eagles in the 2nd half (we have halftime betting here in Vegas, for each half), and (Over 50) for the game.  And this is how he feels about his "true" bonus pick on his alma mater (New Mexico State)...

It's nice to play at LSU, but this game will be over by the end of the first quarter.  New Mexico State loses 56-0.  That's it for this week.  Come see me in the sportsbook and may all your parlay cards be winners...

As Coach thinks to himself, "If even half of my parlay cards were winners..."  :)  I'm not making any promises, but I'm going to try to put together a post that's lighter on football and poker, and more focused on "stuff" for you awesome people, a "Miletus Special" (if you will).  Hopefully that will happen by Friday night as there's only one football game that I'm interested in tomorrow.  In the meantime, stay out of trouble...  ;)

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