Friday, September 19, 2014

Football, Football Friday

Good evening everyone.  I'm going to get right to the football picks, and then I'll explain why I procrastinated and actually waited until Friday to publish our 'Football Friday" selections...  ;)  I still haven't figured out how to (if I can) upload new photos to the blog, but if you go to my Twitter or Facebook "blog ads," you'll see a throwback photo of Joey at his alma mater (New Mexico State).  If you don't, you're just stuck with this classic...  :)  Live from Las Vegas and the Palace Station Sportsbook, here's Joey...

Okay, it's that time of the week again when the parlay cards come out and we need to pick winners.  Here are my winners for this week...

Joey's Lucky Seven (Overall Record 9-11-1, Last Week 2-4-1)

Colorado (-7) vs. Hawaii - Rainbow Warriors travel to mainland w/o their top RB.
Alabama (-14) vs. Florida - Tide is 3rd best team in country since they play a lot of cupcakes.
Northern Illinois (+14) @ Arkansas - Northern Illinois has won 17 straight on the road, covering 14 of 16.
West Virginia (+9) vs. Oklahoma - OU has been unable to pull away from WVU the last 2 years.
Texans (-2.5) @ Giants - Eli Manning is having his worst year ever.
Bills (-2) vs. Chargers - Buffalo looks good at home & San Diego has to travel across the country.
New Mexico (-3.5) @ New Mexico State - Bob Davies likes to run the football, and Aggies can't stop the run.

When Joey submitted his picks for this weekend, he actually omitted one, but he said to go ahead and use the game involving his alma mater as his seventh pick after I mentioned that he had been getting a lot of their games right.  Joking about a blurb to describe his pick, he mocked, "Team sucks, administration sucks, coach sucks..."  Joey is executing the perfect hedge by picking the Lobos, because if his Aggies pull off the upset in this rivalry game, he wins either way...  :)  I'll get to watch the NFL games with Joey at the Westgate Theater on Sunday (again, you're about to see how much stock I put in the college games this weekend)...  ;)  In a superstitious effort to change my luck (and not to disgrace my friend Drea's good name (9-11-1, yuck), I'm going to go back to an old standby photo that is a favorite of mine.  Also, it was my friend Alyssa's birthday last week (and yeah, I know that the Texans are 2-0 Alyssa), so it's only appropriate that I bring back this piece of photographic excellence...

 NOTHING beats Belle in the cow costume (I can only hope)...  :)

Coach's Lucky Seven (Overall Record 9-11-1, Last Week 3-4)

Cowboys (-1) @ Rams - Dallas has more 'O' and a scrappy 'D'...
Colts (-7) @ Jaguars - Cousins beat Jags by 31...
Ravens (-1) @ Browns - Rested Ravens thrashed my Steelers...
Saints (-9.5) vs. Vikings - Winless Saints with backs to wall at home facing Vikes with no A.P...
49ers (-3) @ Cardinals - 49ers should be motivated after blowing game against Bears...
Packers/Lions (Over 52.5) - Rodgers & Stafford should light up the dome...
Redskins/Eagles (Over 50) - Cousins & Foles will be slinging the ball too...

Okay, several little tidbits now before the bell rings and you're excused for the weekend.  My underhedging last week on the Eagles/Colts total may not be as harmful as I once thought.  I put that over on a pair of 4-team, $10.00 parlay tickets.  Not knowing that I couldn't bet Week 3 NFL Sunday/Monday games at the Mirage as I watched Philly/Indy, I made the 2nd bet on those tickets the Falcons (-6.5) and the over on last night's Atlanta/Tampa game, respectively.  That means that I'm now halfway to $110.00 on both parlay tickets.  While I have mini-hedged, please root for the Arizona Wildcats (-11) vs. Cal, and Michigan (-6) vs. Utah.  I have the Louisiana-Lafayette/Boise State game as the fourth on both of these tickets, and plan on hedging pretty straight up if I can get that far.  With the Monte Carlo Freeroll also tomorrow, maybe this can be the start to a pretty good weekend.      

Speaking of poker, this post was delayed because I spent WAY MORE TIME accruing extra hours (starting chips) for the freeroll yesterday than I had planned on.  I'm talking in the neighborhood of a dozen hours...  Yeah, so just after 3:00 a.m., when the young lady at the poker desk started shaking her head because I was getting up to leave the now five-handed game, I told her, "Don't you start doing that - you have no idea how long I've been here today..."  :)  The highlight of my night came at about 11:00 p.m., when I hit quad 4's for $50.00.  When my bonus chips were brought to me, I got a ROUND OF APPLAUSE from the table...  Yeah, seriously...  :P  The table was that laid back and I was having ANOTHER SESSION that was that rough.  Who knows though..., maybe with the bonus hand, and with Belle the Cat reigning over my football picks..., MAYBE this will be a good weekend???  

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Good luck this weekend, Coach. Go crush 'em

    1. Thanks guy that got to ride on a train - appreciate it!

  2. No comments about the Bobcats coming into my backyard?

  3. Coach, just catching up on your blog today. Looks like you're on your way to a good week. Good luck in the freerolls!

    1. Sorry Dave, too busy watching football to respond yesterday. Yes, it was a MUCH BETTER week. Blog entry coming soon... :)

  4. I did 2 parlays this week - 5 game and 3 game. I went 3/4 (+tie) and 2/3. I almost turned $15 into $300!

    1. Well, if you can manage to win the first 2 of the 3 or the first 3 of the 4 in the future, you can hedge and guarantee yourself some money Dave. I might talk about hedging here sometime... :P Which bets did you have?

    2. First parlay was Bills -2.5, Cowboys -2.5, Texans/Giants over, Bengals -7, Ravens -2 - Bills lost and Ravens pushed. Other was Cardinals, Broncos and Steelers (all money line). Broncos of course lost in a close OT game. I made 2 other bets this week (Nebraska -8 and Chicago -1.5 + over 44.5). Chicago just went over and if they hold on to cover I'll be up a few dollars this week on sports.

      I didn't get a chance to hedge because the first ticket was all 10am games and the 2nd ticket was lost before the night game. If I ever get a chance to hedge on a nice parlay to guarantee some winnings I'd probably do it.

    3. And you're up on sports this week - congratulations Dave!