Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Oh Brother...

"And whenever you're dark inside, don't let go, no, don't let go, remember there's rain, and there's candy, and Christmasy winter snow, snow, snow..." -Blue October- (For My Brother)

Good evening everyone.  Might as well go ahead and start off with the standings in my fantasy football league (we'll talk a little bit about football tonight since it's my personal football night - "1 of 7 each week" you say...  You're so clever)...  :)


Con Juevos (7-2)
Dead Crickets (6-3)
Bikini Hill Bobcats (5-4)


Good Dotto (7-2)
Show Me Your TD's (6-3)

If you're keeping up with this nonsense, yes, I did win for the first time in three weeks.  My opponent suffered the same fate that I fell victim to earlier in the season.  He was down just over forty points going into Monday night, and he still had Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy left to play (I had no players left).  Early in the first quarter, Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone and didn't return to the game.  During one of my losses this season, I lost Michael Vick to injury early in a game.  The good news for me on the fantasy front is that all of my players have gone through their bye weeks.  Last week I was cursing the Steelers' luck that Rob Gronkowski returned to the Patriots' lineup just in time to torch us, but this week I face the guy in our league who owns Gronkowski, so my Bobcats won't have to face him because the Patriots don't play this week.  Speaking of the Steelers, that game was so disappointing on Sunday that I fell asleep before halftime and woke up after the Texans already had a 7-0 lead on the Colts (yes, that's a long nap)...

Switching paragraphs, but sticking to football, last week was very good for the Bobcats and Longhorns, yet I went 5-5 on my '10 Best Bets' again, which isn't surprising for a person who has a 49-50-1 overall record on the season so far.  You have to figure that I'm one half-game behind where your average coin would be at this point (which would theoretically be at 50-50).  I guess the point that I'm trying to make is that some of the football has been good, and some of the football has been bad...

Some of the football becomes surprising this week in that there are two pretty marquee matchups being played tomorrow night in the NCAA.  Baylor (7-0) will be hosting Oklahoma (7-1) at 6:30 p.m. CST tomorrow night in Waco, and at about the time that game reaches the half (8:00 p.m. CST), Oregon (8-0) will be kicking off at Stanford (7-1).  Browsing through my digital t.v. guide just now to see what channels will be carrying these games, I also see that Louisiana-Lafayette will be hosting Troy at 6:30 p.m. (Ashley from Sunday's post will be interested in that one)...  ;)  Anyway, Fox Sports One will be carrying the Baylor game, while ESPN will be broadcasting the Oregon contest (ESPN U will have the Ragin' Cajuns matchup Ashley)...  :)  All of this means that I'll have some good background games to keep an eye on while I type up my 'Football Friday' post tomorrow night, but those games being played on Thursday will surely put a sizable dent into the quality of Saturday's broadcast schedule.

Oh, and to the title of tonight's post...  In the weekly pick 'em contest sponsored by the Bobcat Nation Sports Bar & Grill (you remember the one, where I won the $25.00 tabs in back-to-back weeks earlier in the season).  Well, not only have I NOT WON that contest since Week 3 (I guess that soliciting more contestants out of guilt was a bad idea), but MY BROTHER won the contest this past week - congratulations Pete!  Pete must surely realize that defeating me is a very special honor, because..., well..., okay, who are we kidding?  Your average coin could beat me...  Congratulations anyway Pete...  ;)

Switching gears to poker, I do have to admit that I'm in the mood to play again after watching the 'live' coverage of the World Series the past couple of nights from Las Vegas.  Okay, you know me well enough to know that I was already in the mood to play before watching the action from the Rio...  I'm not going to promise that I'll have some poker to write about next week, but since I don't have to work this weekend, I do have the best INTENTIONS of getting into a tournament at Bovada and letting you know how it goes.

And with that I'll let you go to begin my football studying for this week.  Have a good one and I'll see you again tomorrow night!



  1. Waco is buzzing in anticipation of the game tonight. Fun times!

    BTW, a gold star for wearing the shirt :)

  2. Baylor is doing its part to save me from Redskins/Vikings... ;)

  3. Baylor is doing its part to save me from Redskins/Vikings... ;)