Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day Ramble & Poker 1.10

"Now being without you, takes a lot of getting used to, should learn to live with it, but I don't want to..." -Chicago- (Hard Habit To Break)

"Tank (my three year-old son) refers to our microwave as the "corndog machine."  I think it's time to cut back..." -Brandie Kirby Raney-

"Then it finally happens, and it's all come true for you, and the songs are playing, over and over, till you do it all over again..." -Kansas- (Play The Game Tonight)

Good evening everyone.  What started as a simple little blog entry has evolved into quite an undertaking (funny how that happens)...  I hope that all of you have enjoyed this Veterans Day, and my sincere gratitude goes out to everyone who has served this great nation of ours.  I have said several times in my life (especially every time that our military experiences cutbacks) that if you have something valuable and you aren't prepared and willing to fight for it, then you're going to lose it.  God bless the U.S.A....

Could you remind us of what your rambles were like Coach?  I had several topics that I wanted to touch on tonight, and then I started toying with the idea of including a bunch of photos with this entry, and now the Dolphins/Bucs game is probably going to be finished before this post is...  :) When I woke up from my post-work nap, I found this shot waiting for me on facebook...

My friend Vicki included the following caption with it:

Nevyn:  "YES!  I will rule the WORLD!!"
Vicki:  "God help me now..."

And now you understand how things get added to the blog entry...  ;)  Speaking of photos, a little while back I was "advertising" the 'Color Me Chi-O 5K Run' for my friends (again, Chi-Omega is the official sorority of this blog)...  ;)  Last year this event drew over 300 participants, which is a VERY RESPECTABLE NUMBER considering that you're trying to get a bunch of people (largely college students) motivated to do something on a weekend morning.  Well, all of the ballots haven't been officially tallied, but it appears that this year's run had over 460 participants and raised at least $6,000.00 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation - OUTSTANDING JOB LADIES!!!  Here are some snapshots from this year's festivities...

On the right is our favorite homecoming queen nominee Gabby, and on the left is the soon-to-be-famous (Bikini Hill famous - one person might recognize you) Katelynn.  In the center is the Chi Omega mascot, which may soon be replacing the feline shown below as my 'Ten Best Bets' good luck charm.

I went 4-5-1 with Belle at the helm last week, and I'm sure that has EVERYTHING TO DO with Belle and NOTHING TO DO with my ability to forecast football games...  Actually, I'll probably give Belle's photo to Alyssa because I'm sick of having to post that photo of Alyssa's buried in my shoulder after the Texans lose.  Heck, EVEN THE STEELERS have a better record than the Texans do right now!  I feel for you Alyssa...  Okay, so Gabby, Katelynn, and the owl - congratulations, you're my new mascots!  ;)  Back to the pictures, this is what you look like AFTER participating in the color run...

Everyone is wearing paint in this photo, but 'Lil Angelino' has hijacked the owl's spot.  Is every Chi-O that I don't know yet named Katelynn or Katelyn?  :)  And we've got one more shot from this event for you...

The girl on the left is Carolina, who had the wisdom and foresight to share her birthdate with mine (and who also had starring roles in my birthday and homecoming posts), and on the right is the famous VERISSIMO, who played a MAJOR ROLE in the success of this event.  Great job - I'm very proud of you!  ;)

And we mentioned football before...  The funny thing is, other than my dismal 4-5-1 record this weekend on my '10 Best Bets,' I had a great football weekend.  Maybe spurred on by my brother's recent victory, I once again managed to win the Bobcat Nation Sports Bar & Grill weekly football pick 'em contest (3rd time this year).  I think that it was more a matter of missing the least games as opposed to picking the most correctly as there were A TON of upsets over the weekend.  Speaking of upsets, Lightning36 was kind enough to point out that I was the ONLY contestant in Lucki Duck's contest to even pick a winner (the Giants) on Sunday, so I moved up to second place in that contest (the Small Potatoes Poker and Sports Betting link to the right).  Additionally, my fantasy football team won this week (6-4 now - thank you Drew Brees and LeSean McCoy), and EVEN THE STEELERS won this week...  Throw in my Texas pick being right, and it wasn't a bad football weekend.

You also saw that poker was mentioned in tonight's title, and just for you (not because I enjoy playing poker of course), I decided to enter a little tournament so that I would have something to write about.  This was a $1.10 tourney at Bovada (told you it was little) that I found that happened to have to rebuys or add-ons available (which I like).  I also noticed that a similar tourney run earlier on Saturday was completed in less than three hours, which I also liked.  I would imagine that this tourney might be the one that I write about regularly, just because it can be played so quickly.  122 players entered and the top 18 were paid ($28.09 for 1st, $2.56 for 10th-18th).  Each player started with 1,500 in chips and the rounds lasted 12 minutes each, with the blinds starting at 10/20.  Although the entry fee was minimal, this wasn't just a shovefest.  That being said, I was VERY LUCKY to survive as long as I did.  When the chips go in the middle, I am usually ahead in the hand, but on Saturday..., ha ha...  In the 10/20 round when I had just over 1,300 in chips remaining, I raised A K off to 59, and saw a re-raise behind me to 327, with callers, so I proceeded to SHOVE my remaining stack.  WELL, I had two callers, and they held Q Q (original re-raiser) and A Q.  The board was laid out, and the river was a KING - PHEW...  Then, in the 40/80 round, I got in cheap with K J (hearts).  Nothing happened on the 2-heart, 2 4 5 flop, but when a K came on the turn, I shoved and was promptly called by (wait for it)..., A 3.  Yeah..., my opponent flopped the nut straight, so my kings are meaningless, and I need a BAM!!!, a heart comes on the river!!!  WOW...  I'm usually ahead, and I usually don't catch if I'm not.  So now I'm the CHIP LEADER with about 6,600 in chips, at which point I go pretty much completely card dead..., FOREVER...  I made a VERY UNCOACHLIKE move with about 2,700 left in the chips in the 300/600 round, 60 ante when I CALLED an all-in with..., SIXES...  I can see shoving with them, but this guy had shoved a couple of times already, and...  Well, anyway, he has Q Q when the cards are flipped, and that's the tournament for Coach, 16th place and a $2.56 cash.  Not great, not awful, but I'm not proud of the way that it ended for me.  Again, I'm going to try to do a weekly poker post, and whichever tourney I'm involved in, I'll include it in the title of my entry much like I did tonight (if you're here just for the poker, in which case you've been EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED for a while now, much like my other readers)...  ;)

Have a good one and I'll see you again on Wednesday!

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