Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Proof That I'm 100 Years Old

"15 there's still time for you, time to buy and time to choose, hey 15, there's never a wish better than this, when you've only got 100 years to live..." -Five For Fighting- (100 Years)

Good evening everyone.  Earlier this week (even earlier today as a matter of fact), the title of this post was going to be 'Tuning People Out,' due to something that happened on the West Campus bus yesterday.  However, due to a very sweet gesture that was made on the West Campus bus today by a girl named Victoria, I'm now listening to the song credited above via YouTube as I relay this story to you.  For those of you who have followed the blog for a while now, you know that I'll usually save the best for last, and I'll build up to any story that is related to the title of a blog entry, but I decided that this tale is SO GOOD that I'm going to lead off with it.  Also, if you know me at all, or how many times I've mentioned that I'm 100 years old in this blog, then you'll realize how incredibly funny I thought this gesture was.  Don't get me wrong my friends, the gesture that Victoria made was INCREDIBLY SWEET, but upon hearing it, I IMMEDIATELY smiled, politely declined her offer, and said, "but you're going to be in my blog tonight..."  :D

THE STORY...  After leaving work today, I boarded the West Campus bus at the stop in front of the Art Building, much like I would on any other day.  As it turns out, this bus wasn't packed with humanity like it is on a fairly normal basis.  The few people that were standing on this bus were all standing near the very front, and I decided to step by them in case anyone else boarded (normally, as more people board the bus, everyone else has to "scooch back" to accommodate the new passengers, and yes, I just Googled the correct spelling of the word 'scooch')...  ;)  Anyway, once I stepped past this small group, there was no one else standing anywhere on the bus, so while I scoped the rest of the bus to see if all of the seats had indeed been taken, I was also deciding where I wanted to stand, because I did have a choice.  It made sense to me to stand near the back door because there was a little space available which didn't force me to "hover" over the rest of the passengers leaving campus.  As I reached the back door and grabbed the railing for support before the bus left campus, I heard the voice of this girl that was seated near me..., as she spoke up..., looked me straight in the eye..., and asked... (wait for it..., wait for it...), "would you like to sit down?"  MADE... MY... DAY!!!  :D  This young lady ASKED ME if I wanted to sit down - I TOLD YOU that I'm 100 years old...  ;)  Like I said, this was incredibly sweet of Victoria, and after I told her that she was going to be in the blog, I explained to her why I found her gesture to be so amusing, telling her that I referred to myself as being 100 years old here all the time...  As we talked, Victoria relayed an incident to me that has stuck with her...  At some point in the past, when Victoria was on a full bus, evidently a professor made it a point to vent their disappointment that no one had offered them a seat...  :P  So there you have the full spectrum my friends:  I was CARDED WHILE ENTERING HARPER'S last month, and today a UT student OFFERED ME a seat on the bus...  :D  Thanks for letting me share this Victoria - TOTALLY MADE MY DAY...  :) 

I know that this will seem anticlimactic (as if you've ever found a "high point" in my blog), but here are the weekly fantasy football standings...


Con Juevos (8-3)
Dead Crickets (8-3)
Bikini Hill Bobcats (6-4-1)


Good Dotto (8-3)
Show Me Your TD's (7-4)

As you can see, with only two regular season games remaining, last week was very devastating to my playoff chances.  My score was tied for the highest total in the whole league last week, and as you've already guessed, I played against the other team who scored the most points in our league last week...  Now my Bobcats would have to win their final 2 games, AND have 1 of the 2 teams above me lose BOTH of their remaining games in order for me to make the playoffs.  At least I have a few other football outlets...  :P  Okay, I'm not giving up just yet, but things look pretty dire...

I hope that you have a good one, and I'll be back with Alyssa and Joey (and more questionable football picks) tomorrow night for 'Football Friday...'  ;)



  1. Hmmm ... you do kind of look OLD in your pictures ...

  2. She offered me her seat on the bus... #caseclosed ;)