Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Could You? (3)

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.  Be somebody you want to meet..." -@jenrallySpeakn- (via twitter)

Could you be more ambitious?  As 'Bikini Hill' gains more readers (now all that I need is a message, right?), wouldn't it be great if I could be the cause of a "good problem" for my alma mater, Texas State University?  Imagine what would happen if my writing became good enough at some point that I could somehow do justice to how great an atmosphere San Marcos, America is for prospective college students, and the admissions office had to start sorting through 25..., 50..., 100,000 applications for each new school year...  :)

Could you please let it rain?  I took a late stroll over to Bikini Hill yesterday (SHOCKING that I slept a lot of the day after the Super Bowl away), and the river seems to be about a full foot below the bottom of the steps at Sewell Park.  The forecast highs are in the 70's pretty much every day this week, but we are in need of some rain (again)...

Could you make me smile?  This short conversation with a customer took place at work last weekend:

Customer:  "I see you on campus..."
Me:  "I'm at the library a lot..."  (I often go to the library to read the magazines, many times looking for interesting things to write about in this blog - I'm sorry that hasn't worked out for us yet...)
Customer: (walking away, voice trailing off...)  "I HATE the library..."  :)

Could you make me famous?  Not long after this conversation took place, I imagined that the next thing that I'm going to see is people trying to be clever so that I will write something about them.  My thoughts on that - BRING IT...  ;)

Could you have a sense of humor?  I have pretty much decided that I am going to start lying to customers at work too.  NO, not mean lies that will harm somebody, but really quick lies, intended to make people smile and laugh.  Picking on people, teasing people, you know...  Yeah, making people laugh is one of my hobbies...  You have to pick your spots when you do this, because if you find the person who DOESN'T have a sense of humor, it's REALLY AWKWARD...  :)

"Yes, it's only fifteen more flights of stairs to the Veranda (the bar on the roof)..."

"No, there's not a bar up there..."  (You would be surprised at how often I'm asked this)

"No, there aren't any restrooms up there..."  (You would be surprised at how often I'm asked this)

 "Oh, there's a ten dollar cover charge tonight.  You pay it when you get up there..."  (no, better yet, I'll try to collect it...)  ;)

One line that I actually already used this weekend came when a girl stated, "I don't like stairs..."  My response was, "you came to the right place then..."  Seriously, you may not want to wear heels if you decide to come and see me, or at the very least, wear your "comfortable heels" ladies...  :)

Could you stop being mean Coach?  Like I said a minute ago, you pick your spots, and even when I do "lose my temper" (although I showed some pretty impressive restraint here), things usually work out for the best.  I had room for 3 more customers at the Veranda this weekend, but the next group in line had 5 people.  Then this short conversation took place:

Customer:  "Can we go, we only have two?"
Me:  "No, that would bump them back two more."
Customer:  (Gives me a REALLY CONFUSED "puppy dog" face and shrugs...)
Me:  (looking happy, I'm sure...)  "Did you REALLY not understand that?..."  (This brought smiles from the group in front of him, and a high-five I think...)

Upon leaving for the night, when this guy reached me on the way down the stairs, he pointed me out to his group and EXCLAIMED, "THAT'S MY MAN!!"  I really am a people person...  ;)

Could you please tell us ONE MORE work story Coach?  Yeah, it was a busy weekend...  :)  One of the better customer comments that I've heard about our hallways came when two guys walked by me, and one of them looked around and commented, "I feel like I'm in Dexter's Laboratory..."  The guy mentioned NOTHING about mazes, so I smiled at that one...

Could you tell me where this phrase originated?  I'm serious about this one - if you have the answer, feel free to reply in the comments section...  Do any of you know where the phrase, "NOM, NOM, NOM" originated?  This is the facebook and twitter (and sometimes in person) phrase that I see (hear) all the time when friends are talking about eating.  Yes, I do realize that I could ask one of them, but I wrote it down when I read it on my phone, so now it's in the blog...  :P

Could you send some luck my way?...  There is an article on Yahoo! tonight about an Arkansas couple that won the lottery twice while on a fishing trip.  They evidently stopped at bought tickets at the same convenience store about an hour outside of Little Rock on the way to and from their fishing destination.  The first ticket netted them ONE MILLION dollars, and the second earned them another $50,000.00 (I'm guessing that they didn't know they already had a cool million with the initial ticket, but I don't know).  Even the fifty thousand..., even after taxes... - SHIP IT!! (please...)

I hope that all of you have an outstanding day and I'll see you again tomorrow!


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