Monday, February 25, 2013

What's The Number For 911?

"I drink to make other people more interesting..." -Ernest Hemingway-

Good morning everyone.  Today is the start of my weekend, and normally a great opportunity to visit Bikini Hill, except for the 20-40 m.p.h. winds that are forecast...  I'll be saving the fantasy baseball magazine studying for tomorrow evidently...  I learned something interesting about my blog this weekend.  Facebook and twitter definitely influence who stops by here to visit.  When I "advertised" on Friday that my entry was about my upcoming fantasy baseball draft, I ended up with about a 30% decline in traffic over the weekend...  When the time comes, I guess that I'll have to combine the actual draft results with something that interests the rest of you...  ;)

How about drinking?  Let's talk about drinking, and how you can spot a person that's had a "911" shot for the first time...  A 911 is a combination of Goldschlager and Rumplemintz (at least at our three bars here in San Marcos, America)...  This conversation took place between two customers shortly after 1:00 a.m. a few mornings back:

Guy #1:  "That tasted like a combination of..., TOOTHPASTE..., and..., MOUTHWASH...
Guy #2:  "Yeah, it's AWESOME!!!"

I couldn't have said it better myself...  ;)

Okay, so I'm manning the workstation/checkpoint that I watch on the busier nights this past weekend when a group of three guys approaches me.  I'm watching as one of the guys just starts..., PUNCHING THE BAGS OF PLASTIC CUPS, like they're punching bags...  The following conversation ensued:

Me:  "Grow up..."
Rocky:  (as he's walking by me) "I'm twenty-one..."
Me:  (eyes following him the whole way, as I SNAP BACK)  "ACT LIKE IT..."

Now as the group of guys wanders around the corner and up the stairs, I've got something to think about - I did a pretty good job of keeping my cool since the guy didn't really hurt anything, but the group will have to pass by my on their way back down the stairs, and who knows how much I aggravated the guy...  Predictably, our business picked up as the night wore on, and I would have missed the guy when he passed by me, except for the fact that he said:

Rocky:  "I apologize for earlier..."
Me: (half-stunned, but taking it in stride)  "Thank you, have a good one..."

Sometimes you get through...  ;)

The rest of today's entry will also focus on work stories since I have some momentum going.  I want to give a shoutout to my new friend Sarah (my new favorite Ole Miss Rebel) for giving me a slice a pizza on two separate occasions this weekend as my shift came to a close.  You see people?  If you just GIVE ME FOOD, you can get into the blog...  ;)  I also want to give a shoutout to my friend Sam (who evidently took some grief back in the fall when I typed here that he FORCED ME to eat pizza while we were watching the World Series of Poker).  Sam has hooked me up with food on SEVERAL occasions, and he scored me a hot dog at the Texas State baseball game yesterday (a 4-2 loss in 10 innings).  We'll talk more about the baseball team later in the week, but another close game, and another close loss for the Bobcats...

Also in the spirit of being nice to me, we have this...  A small group was walking by my workstation a few nights ago when this conversation transpired:

Her:  "I saw you last night..."
Me:  (nonchalantly)  "I'm here on every busy night..."
Her:  "I LIKE IT!  It makes my night so much better..."

Awwwwww....  :)

I had a couple guys passing by me on their way out the other night when I got this:

Guy 1:  "You have a bunch of Communism going on up there?
Me:  (extremely confused) "I do???"  (I got no response)

"This is a weird way to get to a rooftop" was a comment that I heard last week, and I just wanted to answer with, "going up stairs???"  Nah, I didn't say it...  :)

"They need to give you a tip jar" is a comment that I've heard a few times during the past month (great idea).  I think I know a group of doorguys that would be all for this...  ;)

One of my new favorite things (it just seems to be happening more lately) is when the customers exiting/or coming around the corner approaching Slackers start breaking out their dance moves as soon as they hear the music that is playing...  :)

As I've mentioned here before, I do have to figure out what's next, but there are far worse places to be than San Marcos, America...  ;)  Have a great day everyone!


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