Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Could You? (5)

"I love people who make me laugh.  I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh.  It cures a multitude of ills.  It's probably the most important thing in a person..."  -Audrey Hepburn-

Could you ask for sweeter friends?  The tie-in between the quote above (which you know that I strongly endorse - very recently, you read my "original" quote, "I like to make people laugh, and I love people who can make me laugh...") and this little paragraph is that I got to go out with two of my friends for Valentine's Day last night.  No, my calendar isn't broken, but I was working on Valentine's Day, so back to last night.  Last month I was informed that I was going to be the Valentine of two very smart, funny, and beautiful young ladies who are friends of mine, so I wasn't about to argue (I just overlooked the fact that they are Texans and Packers fans, respectively)...  ;)  Alyssa and Melanie have both managed to navigate their way to the pages of Bikini Hill before, probably because they both make me laugh and they have always been nice to me (if you overlook the fact that one of them once refused to give me a hug, and the other once brought up the prospect of me catching on fire)...  As always, I was completely innocent of ANY wrongdoing...  :)  Some of the highlights from last night:

.....  Both of my dates were carded.., TWICE.  They were carded once before they entered Bobcat Nation (which we'll talk about more later - a very nice new spot in San Marcos, America) and again when they ordered their dinner drinks.
.....  My dates greeted me with the gift of a 24-ounce Texas State Bobcats "tumbler" (means 'big cup') which I am drinking Dr. Pepper from at this very moment - AHHHHH...  Thank you  :)
.....  When I showed these ladies the soon-to-be framed and displayed Bobcat that was available for customers to sign when Bobcat Nation opened last week, both of my dates were still able to autograph it.  :)
.....  My favorite part of the night was arguably when I presented Alyssa and Melanie with the perfect Valentine's Day gifts.  When I gave my dates their NFL Bottle Opener Key Rings (Texans and Packers, respectively), they added them to their existing keys and keychains IMMEDIATELY.  AWWWWW...  :)
.....  It goes without saying that these two made me smile and laugh throughout the evening - thanks again for a great Valentine's Day ladies...

Could you tell me more about Bobcat Nation?  Yes, I could.  Bobcat Nation Sports Bar & Grill is a new Bobcat-themed, high-end lounge that opened right behind the Texas State campus less than a week ago.  I'm not going to say that the food is good, but when they made their initial food order for the first week, they ran out of most of it in the first two days.  Okay, I lied.  I AM going to say that the food is good, and EVERY PERSON that I have talked to who has eaten there has told me the same thing.  The three of us all enjoyed our meals last night, and the atmosphere in this place is very nice, with lots and lots of Bobcat memorabilia and t.v. screens to view.

Could you tell us more about Valentines?  Yes, I could.  This came across my facebook wall from a former student this week:  "So when my son gets in the truck from school, he has this sticker (which said 'LOVE') from his "girlfriend"!  Apparently this little girl at school loves him!  Please tell me this can't be happening!"  This was on February 7th, and OF COURSE I offered my encouragement by adding, "Not even Valentine's Day yet - ba ha ha..." (because I'm sweet like that)...  ;)  To all of you out there who have kids, God bless you, and good luck Alyssa!  :)  Oh, and the age of the boy in question here - SEVEN years old...  :P

Could you tell us the best pick-up line that you heard at work last week?  Okay, I don't know if this is the best in terms of whether it will work or not, but it made me laugh.  As the night is coming to an end, I hear this guy tell this girl, "you're very blonde by the way, and I like that about you..."

Could you tell us about a time when someone took your advice?  Once upon a time there was a customer of ours at work named Angelica who always wore her hair up.  The ONE TIME that I saw her wearing her beautiful brunette hair down, I complimented her and told her how great it looked.  Since then, Angelica has showed off her lovely long hair almost every time that I have seen her, and she said that other people seem to like it also.  And they all lived happily ever after...  ;)

Could you tell us about one time that you made a customer laugh at work last week?  The temperature was in the 40's outside when one of our female customers came up the stairs a few nights ago and asked me, "is it cold up there?"  She was referring to the roof, and I smiled slyly and deadpanned, "it's outside..."  As she passed by me with her group, she asked her friends, "Did you hear what he said to me?  It's outside - ha ha ha" (genuine laughter)...  ;)

Could you tell us about best compliment that you received from a customer last week?  After I greeted one of our student customers who was showing off our place to her mom this past weekend, the girl tells her mother, "He's always so nice..."  My IMMEDIATE thought was, "She doesn't read my blog evidently..."  :)

Have a nice day and I'll see you again tomorrow!



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