Monday, February 4, 2013


"Perhaps how we face death is not as important as how we face life - to live each day with hope, with courage, and with love..., as if it were our last..." -The Control Voice- (The Outer Limits)

Good morning.  Above is a pretty decent quote that I accidentally stumbled upon this morning when there was nothing else on t.v. that looked better than 'The Outer Limits'.  I halfway paid attention to the last twenty minutes of the episode as I surfed the net, but then I heard that bit of wisdom...

There was something on t.v. yesterday that did catch my eye however...  As I was driving to my workplace to watch the Super Bowl, I cruised by Bikini Hill, which is on the way.  I spotted about 75 people enjoying this blog's namesake and the surrounding area, laying out, playing frisbee and volleyball, etc...  My gut instinct was to pull over to the side of the road and SCREAM, "don't you know that the SUPER BOWL starts in half an hour?!"  I resisted this temptation and proceeded to the Square, where at Harper's I enjoyed watching the game more than I could have anticipated since I didn't really have a rooting interest in it (other than hoping that my prediction for the outcome didn't end up looking foolish - more on that later)...  Here's a shoutout to Alyssa, Chelsea, and Kim for making the game more enjoyable, and for helping to get us through the power outage in New Orleans (I had to mention it at least once).  The thing about that quote at the top of the blog today is that yesterday is never going to repeat itself.  There is a very strong possibility that none of the three young ladies that I sat with during the Super Bowl yesterday will be in San Marcos, America for the game next year, which is one of the bittersweet things about living in a college town - you get to meet a lot of neat people here, but they do come and go (sniffle, sniffle, right?)...  I knew that Alyssa would be a valuable member of our viewing party as I've watched football with her before, and I officially met Kim for the first time yesterday, no thanks to Alyssa and Chelsea...  ;)  Chelsea got one of the biggest smiles of the day out of me during halftime when 'Destiny's Child' reunited on stage, prompting her "goose bumps" and the exclamation, "I'm so happy right now..."  :)

Chelsea's quote came following a pregame remark by my friend Lindsey, who commented that she was excited about seeing Beyonce and the Victoria's Secret commercial.  It's interesting to find out what people anticipate on the day of the Super Bowl.  One of the things that I CANNOT stomach any longer is the HOUR AFTER HOUR of pregame coverage leading up to kickoff.  An hour and a half before the game, I FINALLY caved in and tuned into the Super Bowl coverage as I prepared to jump in the shower before heading to the Square (don't judge me - remember, I usually sleep during the day).  Anyway, my t.v. had not even been on CBS for FIVE MINUTES when Shannon Sharpe made the comment, "this isn't a normal game..."  THANK YOU for that wonderful insight Mr. Sharpe - MERP...  I'm SO THANKFUL that most of the audio was drowned out by the 100 or so friends that I watched the game with...  I also need to give a shoutout to my friend Hank here, who prepared more brisket and ribs and chicken and other food than we knew what to do with...  :)

As for the game, yesterday marked the second year in a row that I picked the underdog to win the Super Bowl outright and looked like I knew something.  I had it ending Ravens 27-17, and the final score was Ravens 34-31.  I obviously covered the Ravens (+4), and missed on the under (47.5).  This made my overall record 13-8-1 against the spread and on the overs/unders during the playoffs.  I definitely think that the 49ers receiver (Crabtree they said on 'Mike and Mike' this morning) had hands all over him on the 49ers fourth-down attempt late in the game, but that's obviously out of my control...  Regarding the power outage (okay, I'm mentioning it one more time), the best tweet that I saw was, "lights go out, James Harrison fined $50,000.00..."  I know that my fellow Steelers fans will appreciate this...  :)

Referencing an entry that I made a few weeks ago, be VERY CAREFUL if you're a Bobcat navigating Sessom Drive behind campus today.  Traffic once again promises to be a mess as the construction configuration was redone this weekend, which promises to make everything that much more confusing for locals and commuters today.

Outside of my friend Chelsea's comment, one of the best quotes that made me laugh during the weekend came from a total stranger while I was working.  Evidently my new friends Alison and Natalie were discussing my blog on Friday in the company of others (which again, is totally encouraged)...  :)  Not much later, this stranger approached my checkpoint at work and greeted me with, "I heard that you write a blog about the people that go up and down the stairs..."  WELL, it's about a little more than that, but yeah, that did make me laugh out loud...  :)

Also this weekend, regarding the capacity of the Veranda (our rooftop bar), I was asked by a customer if we had a weight limit up there.  Now THAT would be fun - can you imagine me asking a bunch of young ladies, "and HOW MUCH do you weigh???" - YEAH..., that would go over well...  :O

Those of you who are Bobcats will appreciate my response to the pair of guys that visited from San Antonio this weekend.  A couple of guys walk up to me and ask, "did you go to T-State?  Well, we're from San Antonio - we go to UTSA...  ROAD RUNNERS!!!..."  In my MEEKEST, most "CARTOONISH" voice, I instantly responded with, "BEEP BEEP!!!..."  A tough roadrunner is an oxymoron, isn't it?...  ;)

I wanted to take a second to thank those of you who have found 'Bikini Hill' and who keep returning to read my blog.  The most views that my writing here had ever received in a month was 2,200, which happened in December, and was actually the 2nd-straight month that a new record had been set.  In January..., over 3,800 VIEWS - hmmm...  ;)

I hope that you have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow!



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