Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Could You? (6)

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened..."  -Dr. Seuss-

Could you start us off with a cartoonish theme today Coach?  Good morning everyone.  So the "Harlem Shake" seems to be all the rage these days.  For those of you who don't have the same facebook friends that I do, this isn't a cool refreshing beverage that you can pick up at a Dairy Queen in New York City (ba dump, ching!).  The Harlem Shake is a dance that has been filmed in NUMEROUS locations with NUMEROUS people participating in the making of NUMEROUS videos...  I had honestly viewed ZERO of these videos..., well..., that is until yesterday, when one of the links that came across my computer was from a person that I knew was participating in the festivities.  I saw that the length of the video was only about thirty seconds, so I caved in and watched Ali and the Texas State volleyball team doing their rendition, complete with costumes and props...  :)  Then last night a former student shared an old 'Peanuts' photo on facebook with the caption:  "Harlem Shaking, before it was cool..."  This cartoon shows the various Peanuts' characters playing instruments and/or strutting their stuff in several different dance poses.  I can TRY to be clever on my facebook page and MAYBE get 4 likes on a status, but this cartoon has already drawn 11 likes (and another share) Thanks ladies...  :P  I would point to this as proof that the Harlem Shake has run its course, but I still hear 'Gangnam Style' being played at work from time to time, soooo...???  :)

Could you please make tying the knot this easy?  So my friend Jennifer FINALLY gave me another quote from her daughter that I could steal...  I use to steal the gems from this five-year-old to my facebook page, but that was also back when my facebook page had more views than Bikini Hill...  ;)  So this weekend the girl was being asked what kind of man she wanted to marry, and her response was, "I guess any man that asks me!!"  Ahhhhh, if only love was so simple...  :)

Could you tell us when you lost your innocence?  As I was getting my fantasy baseball entry ready for the upcoming season, I was reminded of the fact that it is now almost impossible for me to watch a televised sporting event in its entirety without having a wager on it or the event having some sort of fantasy sports implications...

Could you have some sort of destination in mind?  More than I would like to admit (for the sake of the people that I'm about to pick on), this situation has been occurring at work A LOT recently.  On the busier nights at work, I'm stationed at a place in a hallway that is pretty isolated.  Quite often I'll be approached by customers who have exited our second-level bar, and they'll ask the question, "what's up here?"  I'll respond with, "there's a bar on the roof..."  This happens as I wonder..., "WHERE WERE YOU GOING???"  Maybe people just have that Magellan gene..., or that Columbus instinct, to just..., GO EXPLORING when they're out partying???  :)

Could you give us an old cliche' Coach?  This is applicable to everyone, but aimed especially at you younger readers:  TIME FLIES people, it really does...  Figure out what you want to get out of life, and start doing things to accomplish your goals...  As I sit here typing this, the high school and college students of San Marcos (yes, America) are just less than two weeks away from experiencing spring break.  It does not seem possible that my sudden move back here from Las Vegas took place almost a full six months ago...

Could you PLEASE not compliment me on my piece of garbage watch?  I have worn digital watches for a long time, but the last time that one of my watches broke, the cheapest replacement happened to be one that had actual hands.  You have to understand, the watches that I buy are SO CHEAP that buying a new watch actually costs less than replacing a watch battery...  So, I'm disappointed with the watch that I bought because the hands are gold (not real), and the face of the watch is ALSO gold (again, not real).  In the light of the store, I did not realize how difficult it would be to read the time if the light wasn't perfect.  So, I'm already disappointed with this watch, but ALL THE TIME at work, I have customers COMPLIMENTING ME on my cheap, sorry, FIVE DOLLAR piece of trash...  "Oh, I like that watch!" - "Is that a Rolex?"  "ARE YOU ON DRUGS?" (I've been tempted, but I haven't responded with that)...  I know what you're thinking:  "Coach, they might be giving you a hard time on purpose, because the watch is SO AWFUL..."  I've considered this, but SO MANY PEOPLE have told me how much they like this stupid watch...

Could you stop whining, do your errands, and go enjoy Bikini Hill for a few hours today?  Well, the temperature is supposed to be 70 degrees, I've barely cracked the cover on my fantasy baseball magazine, and I am off today, so that's EXACTLY what I'm going to do.  Have a great day everyone, and I'll see you again tomorrow!  ;)



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