Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's Next?

Good afternoon everyone.  I really am sorry that this post is coming so late today.  The funny thing is, if I had my way, I think that I would prefer to be on the sleep schedule that has me doing this post right now.  As a result of being off for three days in a row (and the inevitable change in my sleeping hours), I slept from about 7:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. today.  On a related note, if you live in San Marcos, America, and you want to stop by and say hi to me, I will be working for the next five days in a row (at least)...  :P  Anyway, Wednesday is the day that I always (not true) do my poker and Las Vegas-themed posts.  Wednesdays are always scheduled that way I should say...  If you have been following my blog during the past month, you have undoubtedly come across some of the posts detailing my holiday vacation to the desert.  If you have not read about any this heartache, and you like reading about the misery of others, the series of seven posts has 'Vegas 2012' titles...  I pretty much had to return to the desert and make the visit for my own peace of mind.  For those of you who are newer to Bikini Hill, I "should be" living in Las Vegas right now.  Disregard the fact that I am not at all of fan of the desert climate, and the feeling that I always need to have my head on a swivel when I'm there (and this was long before my apartment was broken into, which I am about to address).  Additionally, San Marcos, America is my favorite place to live (and the list of places I have called home is EXTENSIVE)...  If you do want to get caught up on why I'm currently living in San Marcos, go back and read 'Parlay Cards, Poker, Disappointment' (September 5th, 2012) and 'Cruel, Cruel Summer' (October 1st, 2011).

Anyway, back to my peace of mind, I had to make that holiday trip to the desert just so that I could leave Las Vegas on my own terms.  The trip was scheduled to last for pretty much a week, I knew when I was arriving, and I knew when I would be leaving.  At the time of my break-in last at the end of last August, "folding" and returning to San Marcos was my best play (and I can lay down a bad hand, most of the time anyway)...  The double-whammy about this time period is that fall turns to winter during these months, which is EASILY my least favorite time of the year (other than the fact that it's football season).

So that leaves us with the question, "what's next?"  As I've mentioned here before, I am literally 100 years-old (okay, not literally).  This is the part of this story which motivates you to go back and read "Cruel, Cruel Summer' (October 1st, 2011).  If you look at my resume', the first question you'd ask is why I'm at my current job.  If you read 'Cruel, Cruel Summer'..., well, you'll have some answers.  I'm not getting rich right now, but my job has ZERO take-home stress, and it's allowing me to figure out what my next move is.  Do I move back to Las Vegas in the next couple of years, do I decide to make San Marcos, America my permanent home, or do I choose what's behind Door #3 (I will be 105 years-old before you know it, and these questions need to be asked)...  Oh, and the "Door #3" reference - I honestly don't even remember the name of the game show, so if the reference means nothing to you, it's probably because you aren't 100 years-old...  ;)  I haven't met Mrs. Coach yet (or if I have, I don't know it), but I have met enough "soulmates" (potential soulmates?, can you have more than one soulmate???...) - ANYWAY, I'm pretty convinced now that if I met the right girl, I could leave poker and sports betting behind without much effort at all, if that was necessary (so that post way back where I said that she'd probably have to be a poker and/or sports fan..., not so much...).  :)

Sooooo, if you want to know the answer to "what's next?"..., well, keep following my blog, and you'll know when I do...  ;)  Have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow!


  1. "Door number 3" would have to be a reference to the classic game show Let's Make A Deal (the good one with Monty Hall and not the crappy new one with Wayne Brady).

  2. That's awesome that there's a current version of the show (so theoretically everyone should get the reference)... :) Thanks for the help JT!