Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Remember The First Time (6)

"Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same..."
-Flavia Weedn-

I remember the first time that I read a quote and thought about a specific person...

I remember the first time that I heard something that didn't make any sense at all...  So last night I'm checking I.D.'s at the front door of Harper's, and this girl hands me her driver's license.  As I'm looking at the license, I hear the girl say, "that's realer than real..."  Hmmmm.....  I have to admit, this is one time that I couldn't bite my tongue.  Before I knew it, I was smiling, my eyes were rolling, and the words, "IT'S REALER THAN REAL???"..., yeah..., coming right out of my mouth...  :)

I remember the first time that I put one of my favorite jokes in my blog...  Now I'm going to tell this as a "blonde joke" since that's the way that I heard it (and because there are a couple of blondes on campus here at Texas State), but you can substitute brunettes or redheads or Aggies or whoever you'd like in here when you tell it...  ;)  Coincidentally (on purpose, not really a coincidence), this is the perfect joke for Bikini Hill...

Blonde #1:  (looking confused, yelling to her friend across the San Marcos River)  HOW DO I GET TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER?!

Blonde #2:  (in total disbelief)  YOU ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!

I remember the first time that I couldn't find the party (okay, if you count the time that I couldn't find Carlos and Nick's house in the November 14th, 2012 post, "Just Come In, We're Out Back," then this wouldn't be the first time)...  :)  A few weeks ago, 4 guys were walking up and down the Square looking through the windows of every bar wondering why none of them were busy at 10:00 p.m. on a Sunday night...  Yes, seriously...  :)

I remember the first time that I answered an easy question.  Not too long ago, a group of people approached me, pointed back to our "shot bar" (Slackers), and asked the question, "how do we get out of there?"  (Put it on a freakin TEE for me, right?!)...  ;)  Yes, of course I answered, "you ARE out of there..."

I remember the first time that I didn't understand a "tradition" (I'm not sure if 'tradition' is the word that I want, but it's the one that I'm going to use)...  I don't understand why opponents wish each other "good luck" before they compete in something (or after the chips go "all-in" during a poker hand).  Do you REALLY WANT the other person to win?  I often play chess at MSN while I eat (a 20-minute max. game), and recently I've done some..., "investigating"...  ;)  Here is one of those conversations:

Opponent:  "Good luck."
Me:  "Why are wishing me good luck - do you want me to win?"
Opponent:  "As a courtesy..."
Me:  "But do you want me to win?"
Opponent:  "Do you have a mental problem?"

BA HA HA HA...  :)

I remember the first time that a customer asked me a weird question (not the first time, obviously)...  As I grabbed a plastic cup from the bag for a customer's drink, I was asked, "are they clean?"  AGAIN, I was pulling the cup from a stack of cups that were still IN THE BAG...  GRRRRRRR....

I remember the first time that I was REPEATEDLY BOTHERED and ASKED and BEGGED and REMINDED and PESTERED and AGGRAVATED about mentioning someone here in the blog, even to the point where that person came into work on their day off and yelled, "BLOG ME, BLOG ME, BLOG ME!!!" as they walked by me.  Okay, here ya go...  Here's your blog mention........................., Chris.  ;)

I also want to wish a 'Happy Birthday' to my sweet friend Christie!  See, she didn't even ask Chris...  :P  Have a great day and I'll see ya tomorrow!



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