Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Could You? (4)

Could you be more intrigued about what is going to happen at work tonight, and could they stop naming holidays after me???  Happy 'Fat Tuesday' everyone!  As I mentioned here yesterday, 'Mardi On The Square' is taking place tonight in downtown San Marcos, America.  Tuesday is not normally a busy night on the Square, but from everything that I've heard, this should be a very busy night.  If you're over 21 and you're headed up to the Veranda tonight, be sure to stop by and say hi...  :)

Could you be more sweet?  A couple of nights ago I went to the "big H.E.B." here in San Marcos.  Yes, this is the same store that has the speakers with the animal sounds that don't scare away the blackbirds.  One of my former students works there and was out on the main floor adjusting one of the displays when I passed by and said hello.  This is a pretty shy person who probably wouldn't want her name mentioned in the blog (so I won't), and I was surprised to see her at the register when I was ready to check out.  Remember, I usually do my shopping at about 4 a.m., and if it takes me 5 minutes to grab what I need, that's a long time...  Anyway, the total came out to $9.11, and I handed my former student 10 dollars since I didn't have any change on me.  As I put my wallet away, I did happen to see her reach down and grab a penny, but when she returned a dollar bill to me, I realized that she must have also grabbed a dime.  I don't know if being nice to people is the moral of this story, or even if there is a moral, but WHEN does a cashier spot you ELEVEN cents?  #winning  :P

Could you make me laugh and possibly win the award for being the "most creative" complainer to walk by me?  "I like to make people laugh, and I LOVE people who can make me laugh" is one of my original quotes that I don't think has made the blog until now.  I have on several occasions whined here about people calling the pathway to the Veranda a MAZE, but last week one of our customers (who is evidently pursuing a Master's Degree or a Doctorate) stated, "this is like a labyrynth!"  HOW can you not like that?  :)

Could you not run "Lobsterfest" commercials at 8:00 in the morning when I'm typing my blog entry and I already need to lose weight???

Could you PLEASE finish the construction on Sessom Drive behind the Texas State University campus?  The good news is that the construction across the river from Bikini Hill is now finished, but the..., LABYRINTH (ha ha ha) that Sessom Drive has become is now so bad that I drive around the other side of campus during the day to avoid the traffic headache...

Could you be my 2,000th twitter follower or my 25,000th viewer here on Bikini Hill?  The numbers are currently at 1,985 and 24,458 if you're keeping score at home (which I'm SURE you are).  Pfffttt...

Could you give me a review on Five Guys Burgers & Fries?  This popular chain has now opened a location here in San Marcos, America (at the intersection of Highway 80 and I-35), and the limited feedback that I have received so far is that the food is really good.  I'm saying that I've heard that it TASTES GOOD, not that it's good for you...  This and In-N-Out Burger are two of the fast food chains that I have not treated myself to as of yet...

Could you not tease me?  At work this weekend I caught a glimpse of the Notre Dame/Louisville basketball game, a contest in which the Irish outlasted the Cardinals in..., wait for it..., FIVE OVERTIMES!  Yeah, it might be time to start watching some basketball...  :)

Could you please bring a forecast home for me?  The weather forecast for San Marcos, America this Friday (when I plan on watching the Bobcat baseball team host Missouri State) is 70 degrees and sunny.  PLEASE be right...  :)

I hope that all of you have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow!



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