Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Contractually Obligated

"People will question all the good things they hear about you, but believe all the bad without a second thought..." -via Jessica Johnson-

Could you take us back to the days of your rambles Coach?...  Good morning everyone (yeah, REALLY EARLY in the morning)...  I'm basically doing this entry for ya because I'm contractually obligated (though not really).  You'll find this post to be incoherent and nonsensical for the most part (which would put it in a league with all of my other posts)...  ;)  Oh..., right - your obligatory photo of Las Vegas, where I plan on living 190 days from now...

I'm not saying that I like this particular shot, but it's currently my cover photo on facebook and my whatever they call the same thing photo on Twitter.  I normally post my 'Football Friday' entry on Thursday night, but because there is no real football game this weekend, I'm going to make my weekend post on Friday night.  You'll still have Joey's college hoops picks in time for Saturday (although Joey is usually really mediocre in his predictions - he had Denver beating the Patriots 27-17, and the final score actually had the Broncos winning 26-16).  WAY OFF...  ;)  Speaking of football (never happens here), I saw a total stranger in the parking lot at my apartment complex tonight.  She was wearing a Peyton Manning jersey, so I said, "it's two more weeks, C'MON..." She laughed and we went on our way.  I like when people get it...  ;)

Speaking of Peyton Manning jerseys, I came across this photo on facebook Sunday...

The young lady wearing the big smile would be my friend and former student Valerie, and the girl wearing the genuine disappointment would be her sister (and my new friend) Veronica.  WOW - neither here nor there, but I just realized that two songs that I really liked along the way were 'Valerie' by Steve Winwood, and 'Veronica' by Elvis Costello (make sure that you look those up on YouTube ladies)...  :D  Anyway, this photo caught my eye because of the complete contrast in the expressions of these ladies.  The funny thing that happened when I asked their permission to post this photo was that Veronica said that I couldn't say anything bad about Tom Brady - Veronica said nothing about making fun of her (which I wouldn't), but she was looking out for her quarterback...  :)

Speaking of something that I would bet on that isn't football, my blogging friends (punks) Pete P. Peters, Lightning36, and Grrouchie all met up in Vegas last weekend to play some cards.  The links to their blogs are listed on the right, and you can read their accounts of the hoopla (punks), but Pete Peters reminded me of a little story in his blog.  Pete and a friend had dinner at the Circus Circus Steakhouse during this visit.  If you've never been there, Circus Circus is ABSOLUTE CHAOS, with young screaming children running around EVERYWHERE...  However, in the midst of all this crazy, there is an AWESOME steakhouse.  Speaking of all this crazy (I need to use the phrase 'speaking of' less often, speaking of speaking of...), when I initially moved to Vegas in 2005, I REALLY NEEDED a job.  After completing dealer school and working at the World Series of Poker, I saw that Circus Circus was in need of a poker dealer.  I walked in the front door, found the poker room, noted all of the CHAOS, and walked RIGHT BACK OUT the front door, although I REALLY NEEDED a job...  :P  #chaos  #crazy

Talking about the weather (was I?), I saw earlier that after having a forecast high of 79 yesterday, we are expecting freezing temperatures and "wintry mix" later in the week here in the ATX and in San Marcos, America.  This reminded me that I neglected to post this beautiful photo from my friend Jo-Ann a while back...

I asked Jo-Ann if this is a photo of her children, and she said that indeed it is (taken "9-ish years ago").  I'll be the first to tell you that this weather is exponentially more beautiful when you don't have to live in it, but being completely serious, this really is an AMAZING photo...  #scenic

And speaking of photos that aren't so amazing, my brother suggested that I might want to put this masterpiece in the blog...  I was trying to watch the NFL's Conference Championship Games on Sunday, but in the meantime, Pete was tagging me in photos on facebook...

That would be a San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancer and myself (yes, 100 years ago, of course)... You've got your "Throwback Thursday" a day early - what more could you want?  ;)  Have a great day and I'll see you on Friday!


  1. Years ago I used to hang out at Circus. I forgot how bad it was. There were even more kids than I remember.

    1. Of course, my buddy MK and I are prolly like "young kids" to an old fart like Lightning . . .

  2. I can't believe that you used to "hang out" at Circus Lightning. Pete, you're probably like James Bond - you never age... ;) And it's not like any of the Vegas casinos are quiet per se, but Circus is a different kind of loud... :) Oh, but the steakhouse... #jealous