Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Crazy People

"All is quiet, on New Year's Day..., a world in white, gets underway..., I want to be with you, be with you, night and day..., nothing changes, on New Year's Day..." -U2- (New Year's Day)

Good afternoon everyone, and Happy New Year!!!  (imagine the sound of highly irritating noisemakers here...).  I went down to 6th Street last night to ring in 2014, and I wasn't the only person that had this plan...


Ironically, the area shown in this photograph includes the spot where I was standing when I took this picture at Halloween...

Unfortunately, the photos are painting an accurate picture (see what I did there?), as there were significantly more people roaming around on Halloween than there were last night.  Have no fear though..., although I am a people person, there were ENOUGH people downtown last night...  :) Just as I finished taking that first photo posted above, two girls came up to me with a "guessing game," and they both ended up being my first hug of the new year.  However, I was initially so thrown off by the way that these ladies approached me (they came up from behind me as I snapped the picture) that I put my phone back in my pocket and didn't think to ask them for a photo, and I'm positive that they would have posed for a snapshot for the blog if I had thought to ask.  Oh, the game?  Two girls in party dresses, one black and one white (that's your clue), come up to me and ask, "what's our nickname?"  Of course I'm like, "huh?"  So they're like, "it's a jingle..."  At this point (and I mean, I could reach out and touch these girls - we're standing at "normal conversation distance," whatever that is...) some genius decides to walk THROUGH OUR CONVERSATION to hit on one of the girls.  I didn't hear what he said, but it was so brilliant that he continued to keep walking as he said it...  The girl looks at me and says, "can you believe that?" Of course I say no, while thinking that I've NEVER seen ANYONE act like a complete idiot on 6th Street, OR on New Year's Eve...  :D  OH..., AND I had positioned myself in front of the police cars parked at the edge of 6th Street as I took that top photo, so that no one would walk over me as I did so.  My point is, this is the same spot where I was playing this guessing game with the girls, so there was no reason for the guy to walk through us - you can see how clear the area was that we were standing in.  Back to the game, before I had the opportunity to embarrass myself by meekly stuttering a weak guess, one of the girls starts singing, "ebony..., and _____, live together in perfect, harmony..."  I'm old enough to remember this being a song, and MAYBE??? it's a jingle, but anyway, I didn't win any cash or prizes...  :)

This is another photo that I took last night...


I have seen this "statue" several times on 6th Street, and I'm very curious as to how long it takes for her to do her makup.  I wanted to ask, but I think that there's a code, like their is with team mascots, in that they're really not supposed to talk...  :)  Anyway, she had SEVERAL PEOPLE stopping to take pictures of her and with her, and so after she posed for this shot, I dropped a card in her vase with my blog's name on it, and told her that her photo would be here today (yeah, the highlight of her life, I'm sure)...  :P  Anyway, if you did stop by Miss Statue, you do a great job with the makeup, and of being a statue...  :)

The crazy people...  Okay, I saw SEVERAL (popular word here today) partygoers who were being assisted by their friends, sitting on sidewalks, sitting with the police, BEFORE and after midnight (you should AT LEAST make it to midnight, right)?  I had one guy (who was looking back over his shoulder) walk INTO ME, and then as we proceeded, I hear him yell "HEY!" (from behind me).  I turned back to face him, while raising and spreading my arms, and yelled back, "I'M JUST TRYING TO WALK!..."  :)

Speaking of crazy people, although I didn't make it down to San Antonio last night, my brother was kind enough to post facebook photos of what I missed out on...


Alcohol and fireworks, hmmmm...  To the best of my knowledge, the city of San Antonio is still standing today...  :)

And now for a couple of my friends...  My friend and former softball superstar Amy (and yes, all of my former students and athletes are superstars) was in New Orleans recently, and she posted this photo on facebook...

This is probably the best photo of one of these masks that I've ever seen - it just seems to fit Amy PERFECTLY...  When I told Amy as much on facebook, she said "Ha," but I was being completely serious...  :)  I know that you want me to post another picture of Amy for comparison purposes, but that would just ruin the mystery of the mask, wouldn't it?...  :D

And in more "New Year's friend-related news," I woke up to find this on facebook this morning. This is the card that my friend KayCee received from her sister...

I can't think of a better way to start off the new year...  :)  I hope that all of you have an INCREDIBLE 2014, and I'll see you again tomorrow with some NFL playoff predictions for this weekend...  And don't forget, everything that you want to know about the bowl games (dates, times, t.v. coverage, predictions, final scores from already completed games, etc...) is in my 'Comprehensive Bowl Predictions (2013-2014)' post from earlier in the month.  Have a good one!


  1. I lost my love of fireworks many years ago. No particular reason why. Maybe I just got tired of the idiots in my former neighborhood who seemed to think that each weekend was the Fourth of July.

  2. I would have enjoyed it. When my brother and I were younger, one New Year's I remember our neighbors having bottle rocket fights up and down the street... :P

  3. Hey! Statue lady here. Yes, there is a code, but I'm an upstart whipper-snapper with no respect for tradition (not true), so sometimes I'll talk to people, depending on what they have to say. I don't like to do it too much, it ruins the magic, and folks get smartass about it. It takes me one to three hours to do my makeup, depending on which statue I am and whether my roommates are home to distract me. Yes, a cameo on a blog isn't quite the highlight of my life, but definitely something I was pleased about, and I really appreciate you leaving the paper so I could find this. I take tons of pictures with people every night, but I still have a really hard time finding photos of me online, so whenever I -do- find a picture (especially when accompanied by remarks about my performances) I'm positively thrilled.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to hit me up on facebook: (Notice the paltry number of pictures on there, since I can't hardly find any!)