Thursday, June 5, 2014

High Drama

Good evening everyone.  When I said that my posts were about to be more frequent and shorter, I didn't mean this short...  :)  I ended up working overtime the last two nights, and I'm about to sit back and enjoy the first game of the NBA Finals (after taking a nap), so I'll be back with a more substantial entry tomorrow or Saturday.  It seems that it wasn't just my radar that Tim Duncan's comments about the upcoming Finals lit up, as the media has been harping on the topic for most of the week, and the Heat are now "more motivated..."  "Oh, Duncan said that?  Well, we wanted to win, but now we want to win MORE!"  Whatever...  Hopefully the Spurs can pull this off - I honestly am rooting for the Heat to lose almost as much as I am for the Spurs to win, because I'm not a big fan of LeBron James as a person, but we can delve into that more a little bit later when we have more time.  Cheer on the good guys and I'll see you soon...  ;)


  1. Admit it, was you who pulled the plug on the A/C tonite!

    1. I'll be the first to admit that it didn't hurt my feelings AT ALL Rob... :D