Saturday, June 28, 2014

Soccer Cat

"Where can this princess find a tiara?  For a kids' birthday party that is lol, but don't get it wrong..., I'm a princess... :) " -Yvonne Gonzales-

"I hope it rains hard enough to wash all the dirt off my car..." -Belyne Gonzalez-

Good afternoon everyone.  Just a short between games entry for you on this Saturday.  I'm getting ready for my move and I'm watching the World Cup in the background.  My friend Lindsey shared a photo that shows this big soccer tournament is bringing in all kinds of new viewers...

"Even the cat knows what's up... #worldcup #USA," was Lindsey's caption with this shot.  No U.S. match today, but the Brazil/Chile opener had just a little bit of drama...  :)  For you football people, it looks like the majority of the magazines are now out...  :D


Someone that you know and love might have picked up this pair of magazines yesterday...  ;)  Oh, and for you poker people, there's a new show called 'Poker Night In America' that begins airing on the CBS Sports Network tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. CST.

Okay, that's the end of my break, but enjoy your Saturday and I'll see you again soon...


  1. Poker shows, imo, tend to suck (outside of ESPN WSOP shows). And certainly those poker reality shows have been the worst.

    1. My favorite was 'High Stakes Poker' that ran on GSN (Game Show Network). I'm just glad that there's another one to check out (for a month anyway, then I won't care)... ;)