Sunday, June 22, 2014

Make No Mistake

"Am I imposing?, I'm only trying to be sincere, I've got a little bit more now than I had before, and if you take it all back, then I'd still have more..." -Umphrey's McGee- (The Linear)

Good morning everyone.  I posted less than twelve hours ago, so there's another entry here if you missed it.  I thought that I'd catch you up on my World Cup action for the day since I find myself in a superstack PLO tourney at Bovada ($2.20 entry, 5,000 in chips, 12-minute rounds, blinds starting at 10/20, 20/40, then 30/60, etc...).  By the way, I just won my first "pot" (both of us had A 10 on a K Q J board - yippee)...  ;)  We are just now coming back from the first break, and for a tourney with 98 entrants (registration is now closed), we have 64 players remaining, and 18 will cash.

In soccer action, I made .20 yesterday (WOO HOO!).  :)  I obviously bet badly based on the texture of this year's festivities (YEAH, I just rivered a flush, and the stack is now 7,129, blinds at 60/120), taking 2 favorites to win by 2 1/2 goals each, but I won with Nigeria in a pick 'em over Bosnia ($1.00 to win $2.20).  Today I have Russia (+1/2) vs. Belgium, Algeria (moneyline - +200) vs. Korea), and Portugal (-1) vs. the U.S.A. is a classic Coach hedge - I win $1.40 if Portugal wins today, but I have the U.S.A. at 100/1 to win the whole tourney for a $1.00...  Including the U.S.A., these are my other futures bets for the Cup...

U.S.A.  100/1
Germany  11/2
France  22/1
Italy  22/1
Portugal  25/1
Colombia  33/1

My little PLO tourney is now down to 53 players, and I'm 25th in chips (this is almost like sweating Memphis MOJO at the World Series, isn't it?)...  ;)  As much as I'm playing around right now, watching episodes of 'Friday Night Lights' on the Longhorn Network while typing this post and playing in this PLO tourney as I wait for today's soccer games to begin, keep one thing in mind, and make no mistake about this:  when I move back to Las Vegas, whether it takes a week, or a month, or a year, or five years (you get the idea), if I have my way, I will make my living by betting sports and playing poker.  If I have my way...  36 players left, 18 get paid, I'm 22nd in chips...

It's been a little while since I've given you a photo of the desert, so here ya go...

Okay, it's time to see if I can cash in this thing.  For my friends who are in the desert playing real poker and making real sports bets, good luck today.  See y'all soon...  ;)



  1. also,fyi wunderdog free pick today is D-backs . they r playing SF GIANTS. make it rain(PENNIES)

  2. GL in your tournament.

    almost like sweating Memphis MOJO at the World Series,
    Thanks for the shout out.

  3. Thanks MOJO. I finished 12th out of 98 - $4.11 back for my $2.20 entry. Not many good starting hands, but this was really deep stacked for what I'm used to playing, and I managed to connect a few times and just stuck around... ;)