Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wish You Would!!!

"I will carry you in my heart, I will hold you in my memory..., you could be a million miles away, but when I call, you will hear..., me..." -The Bangles- (Something To Believe In)

"Don't talk about it, be about it!  That is my motto..." -Ana Marie-

Good morning everyone.  Well, the NBA Finals are officially underway (along with the Stanley Cup Finals, and the X Games in Austin, and the Super Regional Round of the NCAA Baseball Tournament, as well as the Women's Final of the French Open that I'm currently watching - there is A LOT going on)...  Let's start with the basketball, and go back to Ana's quote above.  You've probably heard by now that the Spurs beat the Heat 110-95 in the first game of the NBA Finals (YES!!!).  You're also probably aware of the fact that the air conditioning wasn't functioning in the AT&T Center, and of some of the conspiracy theories that have surfaced (because what better way to sabotage a team that plays in SOUTH BEACH)...  #morons  And you've probably heard the one where LeBron's grandchildren are going to call him "Crampa" (okay, I kind of like that one)...  :) "Coach, why don't you like LeBron James?"  Okay, let's see...  "The Decision" for starters...  Let's hold an hour-long show to announce where we're going to go in free agency, and then cap it off with, "I'm taking my talents to..."  "King James" - really?  As it stands, LeBron's teams are 2-2 in the NBA Finals, are were very close to being 1-3.  DON'T get me started about the cupcake grouping of teams known as the Eastern Conference where the Heat play either...  Even if the Spurs can win 3 more games in this series (which I'm desperately hoping will happen), Tim Duncan will have a 5-1 record in the Finals, while LeBron's tally would stand at 2-3, but the media would STILL give all of their attention to this genius, this "king" who perpetrates the worst flops for someone of his size (he really should consider playing soccer), he cries CONSTANTLY if he doesn't get calls, he completely quits defensively on those plays, and the list goes on and on and on.  He made a comment earlier this season alluding to the fact that if there was a "Mount Rushmore of Basketball,' that he'd be on it...  LeBron never ceases to find ways of annoying me... Anyway, Game Two is tomorrow night in San Antonio.  Oh, so back to Ana and facebook.  After Game One, Ana posted a status celebrating the Spurs victory.  One of her friends replied, "Whatever hater.  Your fixin to get slapped..."  Ana (and Ana is so awesome) responded, "Wish you would!!!  Don't talk about it, be about it!  That is my motto..."  There's nothing like the NBA Finals to bring out the best in us...  :D

So what else is going on?  Oh, my friend Memphis Mojo is competing in the Seniors Event (event 17) at the World Series of Poker.  And when I say that he's competing, I mean that he's STILL COMPETING...  Day 1 of the tourney was yesterday, and 490 players still remain.  Of those, 470 will get paid.  You can find Mojo's blog here and his Twitter feed (where he will be updating his progress) here Best of luck to you today Mojo!

In college baseball action, the University of Texas at Austin Longhorns will be hosting the Houston Cougars today at 1:00 p.m. CST in the second game of a Super Regional.  The Horns won yesterday, and the series is a best of three, so Texas is a single win away from making a trip to Omaha and the College World Series.  Hook 'em!  

In Stanley Cup action, I still have my 10/1 bet on the Kings winning the Stanley Cup, and Game 2 is tonight, with L.A. currently holding a 1-0 lead after a 3-2 overtime win on Wednesday.  I bet a buck on the over (5 goals) for tonight's game if you happen to tune in.  With less than two months now until I return to the desert, I do have some serious finalizing of plans to do, which is part of the reason that you'll be more seeing more of these shorter posts (and more posts altogether).  With that being said, I hope that you have an outstanding weekend and I'll see you soon...


  1. I feel conflicted about LeBron. Great player, good citizen, but made the PR mistake of the century with The Decision. I finally figured it was time to let that one huge mistake ride and focus on the good part of him.

    So as MOJO ends the day one of 32 playas left from over 4,400entrants, we wonder how far he will go. Pretty exciting!

    1. Can't get on board with LeBron, but Mojo is awesome... :)

  2. I think if you had taken the over in every Kings game this playoff season, and parlayed it, you'd have enough money now to outbid Steve Ballmer for the Clippers.

    Like Lightning, I've mellowed a bit on LeBron. The 'Decision" was a totally dick move, but I don't think he's a bad guy, really. I was really pissed when he won the first championship, but now....I won't lose sleep if he wins it again this year.

    And it's hard for me to maintain my complete disdain for the guy because, well, he is such an awesome basketball player.

    That said, I am pulling for the Spurs because I don't want the Heat to match the Lakers 3-peat.

  3. 'The Decision' was just the start of my list, and it's in no way comprehensive...