Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Could You?

Good evening everyone.  For the purposes of this post, we're going to pretend that it's still Tuesday (it IS actually Tuesday still on the west coast, if that makes you feel any better).  As I was driving around San Marcos, America yesterday (today, for the purposes of this post) doing errands, I came up with a new idea for the blog.  Mondays have and will continue to feature "rambles" here on Bikini Hill.  Wednesdays will be devoted to poker and things related to Las Vegas, gambling, casinos, etc... (as they have been most of the time), and Fridays will continue to be devoted to sports and sports predictions.  While Tuesdays and Thursdays have lent themselves to random topics and being rambles recently, these days of the week will now have their own themes as they address various subjects.  Tuesdays will now be "Could You? Tuesdays..."  (You'll see)  Thursdays, well..., you'll just have to wait until Thursday.  ;)  These themed days will probably help in bringing out my sarcasm (because we all know that the blog is desperately in need of that...), and I actually think that my drivel will be more entertaining to read (and to write) with this little change of pace.

Here is your first Could You? Tuesday - I hope that you like the new theme...

Could you do more on your day off?  After working six nights in a row, this is what I did today after waking up.  I went to the bank, to Walmart, to the Texas Music Theater, to Fed Ex (to make copies), and then to the post office before returning home.  After taking too long of a "break" at home, where I baked the chicken that I bought at Walmart while doing my laundry, I walked to the campus library to return some books on writing (see, I realize that I have a problem, which they say is the first step...), I walked around Bikini Hill, and then I visited my old apartment complex before returning home.

Could you not move the freakin post office?!  I was slightly shocked this morning when I visited the post office, where I have a post office box, to find that the whole operation will be moving from downtown San Marcos, America to a decidedly less convenient location a few miles away.  I am very interested to see the new space that the post office is moving into, because this is going to make things so much harder on so many people.

Could you ask for a better forecast?  THIS is the San Marcos, America that I LOVE...  The forecast high temperatures for 6 of the next 7 days is in the 70's - BOO FREAKIN YEAH!!!  ;)

Could you really be serious right now?  After work a few nights ago as we were finishing up our closing duties, SOMEHOW (I honestly don't remember) the movie "The Princess Bride" came up.  I was asked if I had ever seen the movie.  My response was, "WHY would I watch a movie called "The Princess Bride?"  At this point I should tell you that this was my MALE co-workers who were grilling me, and based on the reaction and staunch defense of the movie by SEVERAL co-workers, I decided to pose this question on facebook the next day.  TWENTY comments later, most of them not by me, and I've decided that I'll have to watch this movie sometime in the future...  :)

Could you give me a free pass tomorrow?  Okay, I'm joking, but I'm going to have to do a pretty quick turnaround to get you a Las Vegas trip post before I work Wednesday night.  Maybe I can do that on Friday since there isn't an NFL football game this week???  We'll see...

I hope that you like this new format, and I'll see you again on Thursday for sure with another new theme, and either sometime Wednesday or Friday with my next Vegas trip report.  This is like some kind of weird..., blog roulette, I know...  :)  Have a great day and I'll see you..., SOON...  ;)




  1. Is Princess Bride a cute and funny movie? Sure. Is it the end all be all that big fans of the movie would have you believe? Not in my opinion. I'll watch it if it's on, but it's not a movie I own or would go out of my way to watch again. It's worth watching at least once.

    1. I don't think that I could possibly like it as much as my friends do just because they were so excited about it, but I'll give it a chance when I have the opportunity J.T... :)