Friday, January 4, 2013

Keys In The Door

Good morning everyone.  Today you are getting a rare Friday ramble as I did my football post yesterday.  For any of you who came here today looking for my predictions on this weekend's NFL playoff games, just scroll down to yesterday's post, "Wild Card Weekend 2013" - feel free to leave your own predictions in the comments section if you wish.

As I begin today's ramble from what is normally beautiful San Marcos, America, the home of the now deserted campus of Texas State University, the temperature here is currently 37 degrees with showers in the forecast, and the high today is only supposed to reach 43 degrees - FREAKIN BRRRRRRR!!!...  I hope that the Bobcats bring the warm weather back to town when they return.

As the traffic here on 'Bikini Hill' has spiked recently, my little blog is primed to pass the 20,000 view mark over the weekend.  I appreciate you stopping by and hope that you find something that you like - I plan on putting a lot more effort into my writing in the coming year (part of the me staying active New Year's resolution).  My plans for Monday are to write the third installment of my Las Vegas trip series, the installment which will actually have me venturing out into big city...  (Sorry Miletus, but the weekend won't last THAT long)...  ;)

Keys in the door, yeah...  It's really lucky for some people that I am such a nice guy, and that I try to do the right thing.  During the last week I encountered a situation that I have run into numerous times during my life.  I was leaving my apartment for work, and when I made the turn to go down the stairway, I noticed that my neighbor had left their keys in the door.  The keychain that I'm referring to was probably a young lady's in this case, as it was one of those that had several "do-hickeys" (yes, I'm going DEEP into the dictionary this morning) attached to it, the type of keychain that you would almost have to have a purse to carry around with you.  At this point I knocked on the door (I don't know my neighbors), and waited for the pause to pass as they looked through the peephole, surveyed the situation, wondered what in the heck I wanted, and hopefully opened the door.  The good thing in this situation is that you KNOW that your neighbor is home, because they left their keys in the door...  ;)  As soon as the door opened and the guy answering began to speak, I pointed to the doorknob, said something to him about the know jingling keys, and was on my way.  It was during my drive to work that I realized that a less honest person could have rummaged through several vehicles during his lifetime, if not stolen them altogether...  Yeah, I realize that a flaw in the stolen vehicle plan is that I live in the same apartment complex as the potential victim - that's probably why I'm one of the good guys...  ;)

Speaking of my recent trip to Las Vegas (which I wasn't), the college football part of that trip is coming to an end.  For any of you keeping score at home, we want Oklahoma (+13) tonight against Texas A&M.  That game is on a couple of parlay tickets and would give us a winning ticket, in addition to leaving us with a pair of live ones for Monday night's national championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame.  Speaking of college football (which I was), did you see where Penn State's head football coach (Bill O'Brien) told the press yesterday "I'm not a one-and-done guy" (speaking to his decision to return to Penn State after his first year at the school) AFTER he reportedly interviewed for TWO NFL head-coaching vacancies recently AND received a reported raise of $1.3 million dollars - NICE...  (Hey Grrouchie!)  :)

For those of you who are sports fans, after the end of the football season, Fridays (which are normally dedicated to sports) will start focusing on college basketball, then NBA basketball, and then baseball (and the football offseason) before reverting back to football full-time again.  For any and all of you diehard hockey fans, my heart goes out to you this year...  I normally make entries here on Monday-Friday, with the option of giving you something additional on the weekend (RARE occurrence)...  :)

I'm going to give up right here for today, but I will see you again on Monday.  Please feel free to delve into my previous entries if you're new to Bikini Hill.  Have a great weekend and enjoy your NFL playoff games!


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