Monday, January 28, 2013

Do You Promise?

"Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing..."
-Once Upon A Time-

Good morning everyone.  It was very busy on and around Bikini Hill this past weekend.  Let's begin with the 1st Annual San Marcos High School Lady Rattlers Softball Alumni Game.  I was an assistant softball coach at the high school here in San Marcos, America for a total of four years.  I last coached here in San Marcos ten years ago, and was looking forward to seeing my former players, which of course explains why I got a total of three hours of sleep before getting a haircut and heading over to the high school...  :)  Okay, if you're familiar with my work schedule, you know that I work until very early in the morning and normally sleep days.  No big deal, right?  I'll just go to the high school, see everybody, watch the game, and sleep for my Saturday night shift...  Well, I'm proud to say that I pitched a complete game, for BOTH TEAMS (yes, alumni games can have "all-time pitchers"), and I also umpired the game...  I didn't tell anyone until afterward that I was operating on three hours of sleep, which is probably why I was allowed to do this...  :)  It honestly turned into a beautiful day in San Marcos, America after a drizzly morning, and everyone had a great time.  Of the 17 alumni that showed up to play in the game, I knew 9 of them (8 former players and the program's first head coach), so it was a totally enjoyable day for me.  And to Ashley, Belyne, Jackie, Jen, Jessica, Kristen, Patsy, and Shelbey, it was great seeing you, and welcome to the blog...  ;)

I was able to sleep for two more hours after the alumni softball game before my Saturday night shift at work, which thankfully was a shift that FLEW BY because we were so busy.  The baseball program at Texas State held a banquet at the Embassy Suites here in town, and my workplace was the site of the official "after party."  It was rumored that we were going to be seeing Roger Clemens, since he was a speaker at the festivities at the Embassy.  Well, we never did see Roger, but PLENTY of the other 650 attendees showed up, so I didn't have time to be tired...  :)

Okay, now let's rewind this ramble to what happened after my haircut and before I reached the high school on Saturday morning.  I was leaving the Square after getting my haircut, and I was the first vehicle at the stoplight.  I was stopped at the same dangerous intersection that I have probably mentioned here in my blog before, a crosswalk where vehicles REGULARLY turn left on the green light AT THE SAME TIME pedestrians are crossing the street (the pedestrians have the right of way of course, and traffic is supposed to allow them to cross before proceeding)...  Well, this wasn't an issue since I was the first driver at the light, EXCEPT that the GENIUS behind me starts HONKING HIS HORN after the light turns green.  First I look up into my rearview mirror, and then this rocket scientist HONKS AGAIN.  At this point I rolled down my window, literally put my left arm out the window, POINTED to the pedestrian crossing sign, and THEN POINTED to the three women who were crossing the intersection...  Coach 1  Uninformed Motorist 0...

Speaking of traffic, this gem came from the facebook page of my friend Katie, and is a viewpoint that I've shared for a long time.  She came across someone with a "baby on board" bumper sticker, and was like, "Darn, I guess I'll find someone else to rear end.  Can someone explain the point of these bumper stickers!?!?"  Amen...  :)

Okay, I know that you're waiting for some stories from work, so here you go...  This conversation took place at work on Friday night, when two guys who were leaving stopped near me.

Customer 1:  "I want some Jimmy John's (sandwich shop)"
Customer 2:  "But we didn't drive..."
Customer 1:  "No, it's really close by..."

(At this point, Customer 1 gets me involved in the conversation, to back up his story...)

Me:  "Yes, when you go out the front door of Harper's, take a right, and Jimmy John's is right down the
         sidewalk, on the right..."

(Then Customer 2 uttered the question that I never thought that I'd hear from any guy...)

Customer 2:  "Do you PROMISE???"

Me:  (Totally baffled and shrugging..)  "Ummmmm, yeah???"

Earlier on Friday night, I practically got into an argument with two customers over whether or not their beers would fit into twelve-ounce cups because of the attitude that they took with me.  The two guys were in such TOTAL DISBELIEF about their beers fitting into the plastic cups, and were such jerks about it that I put the cups BACK INTO THE TUB where we keep them, sat back down, and told them, "okay, I've only been working here since SEPTEMBER, but you can do what you want..., go back downstairs, or pour the beer into the cups..."  Of course they poured the beer into the cups, and had an expression of WOW...  Ugghhh...

Before I leave you for the day, let me give a shoutout to my coworker and friend Ryan, who is leaving soon for a year of duty in Kuwait.  After a great dinner at the Outback Steakhouse with my dad, I attended a very enjoyable going away party for Ryan last night, who said that he will definitely be following this blog while he's oversees (GUARANTEED to be the longest year of HIS LIFE, reading my blog)...  ;)  Have a great day everyone and we'll see you tomorrow with the second "Could You? Tuesday..."


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