Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Remember The First Time (2): Natalie's SHOUTOUT!

Good morning everyone.  This is the second installment of this very popular new Thursday theme...

I remember the first time I had to study...  Don't let anyone tell you that these Bobcats at Texas State University in San Marcos, America aren't trying.  I stopped by the local Hastings bookstore a few weeks ago, when the second semester began.  Hastings has a full rack of one-sheet, laminated study guides covering a variety a topics.  Well, the rack was full...  Of the FIFTY total that were supposed to be available, FORTY were already SOLD OUT...  Eat 'Em Up, Cats!  ;)

I remember the first time I met someone who was famous and didn't know it...  I may pick on the good students of my alma mater from time to time (I also pick on myself to keep the playing field even), but here's one of those "feel-good" stories...  ;)  Recently in my job, a significant number of customers (students) who saw me regularly during the fall semester have been approaching me and introducing them themselves during the spring semester.  A young lady named Alison did exactly this recently.  We ended up "friending" each other on facebook, and this is when I discovered that Miss Alison is the STUDENT BODY VICE PRESIDENT of my alma mater - WOW...  Texas State University had a fall enrollment of 34,229 Bobcats that Alison is representing by the way...  Keep up the good work, and welcome to Bikini Hill Alison!  :)

I remember the first time that I met Alison's friend (Alison requested that I mention that these two are good friends, but at least she didn't coerce a "shoutout" from me)...  :)  It is coincidence that I officially met these two during the same week, as both Alison and Natalie are Bobcats who are getting a lot of things accomplished.  For a long time now, Natalie has been one of those people I referenced here previously (who always have a hug, handshake, high-five, or fist-bump for me)...  COME TO FIND OUT, when the two of us "friended" each other on facebook (bringing my current total of facebook friends up to three), and also "followed" each other on twitter..., WELL..., Natalie is a REPORTER for the University Star (yes, that would be the same campus newspaper that actually called Bikini Hill, 'Bikini Hill' recently)...  I am SO PROUD...  :)  Actually, the BEST THING about Natalie is that when she was reading my blog a few days ago, she was introducing it to her classmates (and this is now mandatory, you HAVE TO show my blog to two of your friends)...  This is a good example for all of you kids at home - just work hard, spread a little kindness, and you can get a shoutout and part of the title...  HEY NATALIE!  ;)

I remember the first time I picked on Bobcats after being nice...  Part of my job at work requires me to keep track of the people accessing the Veranda (our rooftop bar) so that we don't exceed our capacity.  If you're standing in line waiting to have fun overlooking the Square, one SURE WAY to get on my good side is to help me by counting OUT LOUD when people come downstairs after exiting the Veranda - GRRRRRRR...

I remember the first time that I made someone look silly...  In my defense, this was COMPLETELY UNINTENTIONAL, and this happened at Walmart yesterday at about 1:00 in the afternoon (yes, the time is important).  I have to say here that I have NO IDEA why I did this.  Maybe this happened because I usually shop late at night (although at that time there is no greeter).  I have no clue...  Anyway, as I'm approaching the greeter, about to exit Walmart, I open my mouth, and out come the words, "Good ni..."  At this point I stopped myself from saying it, "Good night" - yes, at 1:00 in the freakin' afternoon...  I SWEAR to you as I proceeded, trying to play it off, from the lips of the woman who was walking behind me, I heard the words, "have a good night!..."  MERP...  :)

I remember the first time I heard a nickname...  I'm betting that I'm just out of the loop here, but this is something that I caught onto recently, and I have a hunch that it's commonplace for "Ashleys" (which includes Ashlis, Ashlees, Ashleighs, and any other way that the name is spelled)...  A few weeks ago on facebook, I saw an Ashley tagged in a photo, with the nickname "Smashley" attached to it...  Yesterday while I was having a chat with a friend, I referenced seeing her "buddy" at work this weekend.  The response I got was, "YOU MEAN SMASH!"  So are Smashley and Smash the nicknames for EVERY Ashley and Ash?  Yes, we ask the tough questions here on Bikini Hill...  I also remember a time when seemingly every girl was being named Ashley (as the more than a DOZEN "Smashes" that I tagged on facebook for this post attests to)...  Just rest assured, if your name is Ashley (or Ashli or Ashlee), and you're one of my facebook friends who is reading this right now, you're my FAVORITE Ashley/Ashli/Ashlee...  ;)

I remember the first time that I predicted the outcome of the Super Bowl for my blog...  Last year, for Super Bowl 46, I predicted that the final score would be:  Giants 24  Patriots 21...  The actual final score of the game was:  Giants 21  Patriots 17...  Yes, I have to brag when I'm actually close...  ;)  I will see you again tomorrow with my prediction for this Sunday's Super Bowl between the Ravens and the 49ers.  Have a great day!



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