Monday, January 21, 2013

Put It On A Poster

Good afternoon everyone.  Today is a textbook example of why prospective college students should be RUNNING to the mailbox to fire off an application to attend school in San Marcos, America...  It is January 21st and the current temperature is 71 degrees on Bikini Hill.  Today is the "poster child" for why young people should be setting their sights on becoming a Bobcat...  ;)  There is a 100% chance that I will be finding something to read and taking a little stroll down to this blog's namesake after I hit the publish button on this ramble.  Let's see what assorted nonsense we have for you today...

You want a couple of stories from work you say...  We predictably had more business at work last night due to the fact that today is a holiday and there are no classes on campus.  At some point after midnight, an attractive young blonde girl approached me in the same spot where the "You're Like A Gummy Bear!" story took place, and the following conversation ensued:

Her:  "Since you're here every weekend, what's your name?"
Me:  "Coach."
Her:  "COACH?!  That's a great name!  I wanna name my child that!!..."

As the young lady left the spot that I was manning and headed into the bar with her friends, the conversation was her telling her friends how she was gonna name her first child 'Coach'...  Again, you can't make this stuff up...

I am sure that in a conspiracy to irk me, I CONSTANTLY keep getting the comments about how the walkway to The Veranda (our rooftop bar) is a maze.  A group of customers came in during the week, I heard "THE MAZE" banter again, and then one of the guys in the group says, "they should put pictures of scary things things on the wall..."  Of course my IMMEDIATE THOUGHT, and what I should have said was, " framed pictures of the people who think that this is A MAZE..."  No, I'm not bitter...  ;)

Now this is one of the better comments that I've heard at work in a while, and that's saying something...  Down the hallway from the spot where I am normally stationed on the weekends, there is a metal door with an 'exit sign' posted above the doorway.  A couple of customers were leaving this weekend when one of them asked me, "is that an exit?"  I SO WANTED TO SAY, "you mean that door with the exit sign above it?  No..."  Of course I didn't say it...  :)

Then again, another hallway door happened to be open a few nights ago because a co-worker was getting some supplies from our storeroom when a few customers passed by, and one of the girls in the group asked me, "do you live in there?"  Hmmmmm....  :o

So how many people do you know that called that outright upset of the Ravens over the Patriots yesterday? I told you that was the easy game to pick this weekend, huh?  ;)  My prediction:  Ravens 23  Pats 17 ----- Actual final score:  Ravens 28  Pats 13.  Yeah, just direct them to 'Bikini Hill'...  :P  I also got the 24 right for the Falcons score, and I was just 8 points off on the 49ers total...  :)

I have an National Hockey League prediction for you today, and this is the same prediction that I had for the NBA last season.  We have a shortened season, with a lot of games crammed together.  Be prepared to see a lot of injuries in the NHL this year.  Back-to-back games, a 48-game schedule packed into not too many months, the physical nature of the game - get ready for it...

Okay, 'Bikini Hill' is calling me, but I'll be back tomorrow with more for you.  Have a great day!


  1. Good call on the NE-Baltimore game!

  2. Thanks Mojo - it just seemed easy... The windy forecast holding up was big...