Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Good morning everyone (yeah, if 8:00 p.m. was defined as morning)...  This is Wednesday of the week where everyone is finally moving back to San Marcos, America, so you won't read any more crying from me about how quiet town is (you're welcome)...  ;)  I go back to work in a couple of hours after being off since very early in the morning on Monday, and this ramble is coming to you so late tonight because I focused on getting my living room cleaned up earlier in the day.

There is a really good chance that you will see another installment in the posts on my recent trip to Las Vegas tomorrow (if you see any post)  :), and on Friday you will be seeing my NFL playoff predictions for this weekend.  I went 6-2 on my calls for Wild Card Weekend, picking correctly both against the spread and on the overs/unders for the first 3 games, and then missing both on the Seahawks/Redskins matchup.  I'm currently watching the Lakers/Spurs game on t.v. as I do this entry.  I am a Spurs fan for those of you who are new to Bikini Hill.  Also for those of you who are new, my sports year pretty much goes like this now:  football season (September - the Super Bowl), college basketball season (conference tournaments - the national championship game), NBA (stretch run through the Finals) and MLB season (moreso where it gets me back to football season).  I really enjoy watching the NHL playoffs also, especially the MULTIPLE overtime games, but given the limited coverage that we receive in Texas, coupled with the fact that they haven't dropped a puck yet this season, well..., we'll see how that plays out this year...

During the holidays I kind of lost track of my current diet.  This isn't to say that I gorged myself (don't count my trip to Las Vegas, where I was guilty of all charges), but I didn't weigh-in regularly, etc.  Anyway, I currently tip the scales at 224 pounds, which is lighter than when I began (I would honestly have to go back in my blog entries to see what I weighed when this enterprise began).  I am going to start weighing myself regularly on Mondays now, so you'll be able to keep apprised of when I get into the 210-215 range.  I have lost the 10-ish pounds I have shed mainly by eating more vegetables (A LOT of salads), fewer carbohydrates (I rarely buy bread, and I have FINALLY??? stopped eating spaghetti), and by cutting WAY DOWN on sodas (which have been my achilles heel for quite some time)...  I am still not adhering to any organized exercise regimen, although I am usually active at work (at least at some point in my shift), and I was taking advantage of the beautiful weather in San Marcos, America (until recently) to walk.  My place is about a fifteen minute walk from Bikini Hill, and the campus of Texas State University (where I use the library, which I also walk to) is even closer, so the walking will resume once classes start Monday and the weather gets nicer.

For those of you who are used to Wednesdays being about poker and Las Vegas here, I have done/am in the process of writing up so many Vegas trip reports that I hope you don't mind waiting the extra day.  You can find some more recent poker material in the links to the right if you're just psyched up to read about chips flying around the green felt.  You may also choose to wait a few days if you want to read about some of my personal bad beats...

I haven't jotted down much of the humorous stuff lately, and I don't recall having seen or heard much of it either, but I have a few things for ya...  I was watching one of the bowl games last week (I watched so many that I honestly don't remember which one it was now), and the commentator made a comment about the player maybe not going out-of-bound because he hadn't quite gotten to "the white part of the sidelines"...  The "white part" of the sidelines - what other part of the sidelines IS THERE?!  (Yes, the guy actually said this)...

Watching the national championship game, it seemed like EVERY TIME that a defensive back got their hands on a ball to break up a pass, Brent Musberger was saying, "oh, that ball was almost intercepted!!!"  I think that this might have played great on radio, but I'm WATCHING THE GAME...  You have to do more than touch the ball to take possession of it...  The things that annoy me...  :)

Well, I see that it's now time to start getting ready for work, so I'll come back and bother you some more tomorrow.  Have a great evening!


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