Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Hate Football

Good morning everyone.  Even though this isn't being tagged as an official entry in my miniseries of Las Vegas trip chronicles, everything in today's entry revolves around my recent excursion.  This entry could have easily been called "I should have bet it all on Alabama (or Green Bay)."  The Alabama game that I'm referring to is last night's national championship game, and the Green Bay game that I'm referencing is the Pack's Week 16 matchup against the Titans.  I did not bet all of my group's money on these games, so let's took a look at the bets that really hurt the bottom line...

Falcons/Lions (Over 50 1/2) - Final Score:  Falcons 31  Lions 18

This game was TORTURE to watch as I played 2/4 limit poker at The Flamingo.  Both teams had first-and-goal to go situations where they didn't score touchdowns, and the Lions, after blowing one, IMMEDIATELY responded with a safety, which was then followed by DOWNING THE FREE KICKOFF at their own FIVE-YARD LINE (you can't make this stuff up).  As you can see above, these two outfits fell 1 1/2 points short - GRRRRR....

Vikings/Texans (Over 46 points - I believe) - Final Score:  Vikings 23  Texans 6

This game took place the very next day, and whether 46 was the exact number or not is irrelevant because these 2 teams didn't come close.  The Texans offense in this game was non-existant, including an early fumble by Arian Foster in Minnesota territory, and anytime that the Vikings got things rolling, they settled for field goal after field goal after field goal...  I was getting so angry watching this game and I know SO MANY Texans fans that I was thinking to myself, "the NEXT Texans fan that mentions Texans and Super Bowl in the same sentence when I get back to San Marcos..."  PAINFUL to watch...

Florida (-14) vs. Louisville - Final Score:  Louisville 33  Florida 23

Florida was seemingly never in this game, and they were the two touchdown favorite.  My thinking was a top-five SEC team playing in their home state - PFFFTTT...  The way that this game played out, this was probably the most surprising game of all of the bowl games and Week 16 NFL games that I bet.  I will mention here that I bet West Virginia (-4.5) over Syracuse (Final - Syracuse 38-14), but that game was played in the remnants of a blizzard.

Oklahoma (+13) vs. Texas A&M - Final Score:  Texas A&M 41  Oklahoma 13

As it turned out, this superteaser with the Sooners getting 13 points would have cashed another parlay ticket for my group.  The halftime score was 14-13 Aggies.  The Sooners could have easily held the lead at halftime as they had to settle for an early field goal after a first-and-goal situation.  I have NO IDEA where the Sooners offense was in the second half of this game as the Aggies outscored them 27-0 in the final 30 minutes of this game.

The crying that I did a few minutes ago goes back to when I was sitting in my hotel room at The Quad and filling out parlay cards at The Mirage also.  I bet many, MANY football games.  I did not touch the Packers/Titans game right away, and then I considered the Packers being 13-point favorites at home in the cold atmosphere of Lambeau Field against a Titans team that had nothing to play for.  The final score in this game was:  Packers 55  Titans 7.  When I considered the Notre Dame/Alabama game, I thought to myself, "which team is more likely to win this game if it is a blowout?"  I NEVER thought that the Irish would blowout the Tide, but I thought that Bama could easily blowout Notre Dame, so I picked the Tide, even though the spread was 10 points.  Final Score:  Alabama 42  Notre Dame  14...

I hope that all of you enjoyed reading about this trainwreck more than I enjoyed typing it up this morning...  Did I fail to mention that on New Year's Day I missed 2 unders by 1 1/2 points and a cover by 1/2 a point?  I... HATE... FOOTBALL...  :)  Oh, even better, I went 6-2 on my picks over Wildcard Weekend, while NOT BEING in Las Vegas.  I was 3-1 against the spread and 3-1 on the overs/unders.  Both losses came in the Seahawks/Redskins game where Griffin III was injured, so who knows...  I will be making picks on this weekend's NFL playoff games also, and you can reference my 'Wildcard Weekend 2013' blog entry from last Thursday to verify what my picks were - I was pretty close on some of those final scores...  Have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow!

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