Friday, March 1, 2013

Blog Changes For March

"If I saw you hitchhiking, I'd smile and return your thumbs up, just for you doing such a great job of being a positive roadside influence..."  -Jacob Kintz-

Good morning everyone.  You're very wise indeed if you anticipate some changes here on Bikini Hill for the month of March.  Due to the upcoming NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, I will be changing my posting schedule for at least the month of March (I may find that I like being lazy, and not resume seeing you five days a week)...  ;)  During March, I will continue making posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, because these have quickly become my most popular drivel (I mean..., blog entries)...  I will try to make these posts a little longer and include more poker, sports, and Las Vegas material in them for what I am going to do to the rest of the week.  In addition to the Tuesday and Thursday entries I make, I will also be making predictions for every game in the NCAA Tournament.  I don't want to toot my own horn (well I do, but I don't even own a horn), but last year I went 13-2 predicting winners after the arrival of the "Sweet Sixteen."  This run included my prediction of Kentucky beating Kansas 73-66 in the national title game (the Wildcats won 67-59).  I will continue to "advertise" my posts on my facebook and twitter accounts, so feel free to follow me on twitter @desertcoach just in case you're not 1 of my 4 facebook friends...  :)  That twitter tag is also located at the top of this page (meaning every post that I make)...  If you want something more to read today, feel free to go back through the posts that I wrote over the last couple of days.  I posted 'Eeekkkkk!!!!  :D' and 'I Remember The First Time (6)' so late in the afternoon during the past few days compared to my normal posting schedule that they haven't been viewed as often as my other entries here.  If you are new to Bikini Hill, I now have 270 posts that you are welcome to sift through to help fill the void of my upcoming laziness.  Have an outstanding weekend and I will see you again on Tuesday!


  1. how much money did you win with your 13-2 streak Coach?

    1. I hope your pancake syrup is 'extra fat'... :)