Monday, December 16, 2013

C'mon..., Ravens???

"I know people hurt you..., so bad, they don't know the damage they can do, and it makes me so sad..." -Don Henley- (Not Enough Love In The World)

Good evening everyone.  There's a lot going on here on West Campus, just a little north of 6th Street, so let's get to it.  As a Steelers fan, it's very unusual for me to root for the Baltimore Ravens in any form or fashion, but then there's fantasy football...  After a very weird afternoon of football yesterday, where myself and my opponent had several players on the field, my Bikini Hill Bobcats ended the day right where they started the second week of my 2-week playoff matchup, up by 33 points.  The only player left to play on either team is Reggie Bush, who is suited-up for the Lions and my opponent.  AHHHHH, so THAT'S WHY you're cheering on the Ravens defense Coach...  Thirty-three points seemed like a decent lead, until Bush owned Baltimore on the first drive of the game.  When the guy who needs 34 to beat you already has 10 midway through the first quarter, it gets your attention.  However, Bush has been a mortal on the last two drives, and we're now about midway through the second quarter, so maybe we'll still secure our spot in the league championship...

Speaking of football, because I never, ever talk about it here, there is a big project in the works, to be unveiled in a few short days.  As I did two years ago, I am currently working on a comprehensive bowl predictions entry.  This post didn't materialize last year because I went to Las Vegas for the week before Christmas.  However, this year the entry is returning stronger than ever, as Alyssa, Joey, and myself will all provide score predictions for all thirty-five bowl games.  Actually, being the overachiever that he has had the tendency to be at times, Joey has already submitted his score predictions, and this was LAST WEEK...  I have typed in the framework for all of the picks, but I haven't made mine yet.  I messaged Alyssa today, and despite battling through a root canal, she still plans on submitting her selections.  When this entry is finished, it will be your "one-stop shopping" for the bowl season (if shopping was free, of course)...  ;)  In this post, you will be able to find every bowl matchup, complete with date, time, location, the station broadcasting it, each participant's record, the point spread as of yesterday, and the over/under on the game as of yesterday.  Additionally of course, you will find score predictions from Alyssa, Joey, and myself, which will be scored as if three different bets had been made on each game.  After each bowl has been played, I will come back to the post and type in the final score of the game, and then I will record how each of our predictions performed straight up (moneyline), against the spread, and against the over/under.  I will track our progress for all 35 bowl games, or all 105 bets.  Yeah, I really need a life...  ;)

Oh, and back to yesterday's crazy afternoon of football, the Saints inability to beat the Rams marked the first time all season (I believe) that my pick has lost in Lucki Duck's contest.  This gave most of the world the opportunity to gain ground on me, and unfortunately most of the world picked Carolina to beat the Jets...  Shut up Lightning and Mojo...  :P  However, speaking of football (DUH), although last night's matchup between the Steelers and the Bengals had no fantasy implications for me, I REALLY DID enjoy the first quarter of that football game.  What did you think of it Gabby and Serge?  ;)

Could you tell us about the new graduates Coach?  Yes, I still have some sort of tribute in mind for the fall graduates, and I'm very disappointed to say that my vehicle is not starting right now, so I wasn't able to make it down to San Marcos, America this weekend to help the new Bobcat Alumni celebrate.  Here's a photo of one Bobcat making its final trip to the river and Bikini Hill...

Okay, that's PROBABLY NOT San Marcos, America that's depicted above, and it PROBABLY WASN'T that cold here recently, right Vicki and Sydney?...  :P  However, my friend Carolina (who was also born on the best date ever) agreed to let me post her snapshot so that you could see what actually took place down in San Marcos over the weekend...

Ahhhh..., what a wonderful sight...  :D  As I said, hopefully I'll be able to single out some of these new graduates for recognition in the near future...  Right now though, it's time for the second half of this football game, so please help me to hex Reggie Bush so that I can reference the fantasy football championship that I'm competing in for the next two weeks...  ;)  Have a good one!



  1. The cream always rises ... at least this week, anyway. : o P

  2. You MUST be talking about my fantasy team sir... ;)