Monday, December 23, 2013

'Twas The Night Before The Night Before

"Instead of running away, all I want to do is protect her..." -Matt Damon- (The Rainmaker)

"It's crazy how one person can change things..." -Seth McBryde-

"Don't let anyone's ignorance, hate, drama or negativity stop you from being the best person you can be..." -Unknown-

"The problem with heartache is that to you it's an atomic bomb, but to the rest of the world it's just a big cliche' because we all experience the same things... -Drinking Buddies-" 
-Kourtney Chalmers-

Morgan Freeman:  "Kiss the most beautiful woman in the world.  How do you propose doing that?"
Jack Nicholson:  "Volume..."
-The Bucket List-

Good evening everyone.  I was planning a longer post for today, but the poker tournament that I played in at Bovada lasted for quite a while.  That's a good thing I guess, because I made the final table.  The details about this tournament will be coming to you soon in a future entry.  Don't confuse the stakes of this tourney with those of the tournament that Rob of "Rob's Vegas and Poker Blog" is putting off writing about.  Rob could likely look down at the floor at the Golden Nugget and find as much money as I won in today's tournament, but I'll still write it up soon, because it's all that I've got...  ;)

As the 49ers/Falcons game has just gone to halftime (with Atlanta leading 10-3), I am currently ahead 72-68 in the first week of my 2-week fantasy football championship.  I have Colin Kaepernick playing in tonight's game, while my opponent has Vernon Davis going.  In another football scenario (one that seems all too familiar), I am in the running for my fourth victory this season in the Bobcat Nation Sports Bar & Grill football pick 'em contest.  I win this week if the 49ers win tonight.  I also win if Atlanta wins the game, but at least 30 total points are scored (for the tiebreaker, I picked 42, and the guy trailing me, the only person to take Atlanta, went with 17).

I also have a reminder for you college football fans...  My 'Comprehensive Bowl Predictions (2013-2014)' post will be up for the duration of the college football bowl season, complete with score predictions from Joey and myself for ALL 35 bowl games, and I will constantly be updating that entry with the final scores of the games as they are completed.  I've come scary close on 2 of the games for a guy who is 100 years old - I predicted 44-21 USC as the final of their matchup with Fresno State, and the Trojans won the game 45-20.  I also picked East Carolina to win 34-24 over Ohio today, and the final score was 37-20 Pirates.

As I say farewell for tonight, let me pat myself on the back for looking through the digital cable guide last night and discovering that I have the 'Sundance Channel.'  This is relevant because on Monday nights from 10:00 p.m. - midnight, they show episodes of 'Breaking Bad.'  Guess what I'm watching after tonight's game ends...  :)

If I decide not to post tomorrow, I want to wish you a very Safe and Merry Christmas.  And if I do decide to post tomorrow, you shouldn't be reading it anyway, because it will be Christmas Eve...  ;)  Have a good one!


  1. Thanks for the plug. I'm sure you post about the Bovada tournament will be a lot longer than my post about the Binion's tourn! :)

  2. Check with the books and see what the odds are on that... ;)

  3. Thanks Mojo - I'll probably write it up by this weekend... :)

  4. "Yeah -- I wanna read about the final table," said the now deposed Lucki Duck contest leader. : o ( And a post that would be longer than one of Rob's? Have you gotten into the holiday egg nog a little early? Muhahahahahaha.

  5. I've been deposed for a while now Lightning... ;) And I don't have that kind of time (to make a post that would be longer than one of Rob's). That's like a month's worth of entries for me... :)