Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Yes Coach, There Is A Santa Claus...

"There's twenty-four reasons, to admit that I'm wrong, with all my excuses, still twenty-four strong..., see, I'm not copping out, not copping out, not copping out, when you're raising the dead in me..." -Switchfoot- (Twenty-Four)

"You just gotta ignite..., the light..., and let..., it shine..., just own..., the night..., like the 4th of July..., 'cause baby, you're a firework, come on, show 'em what you're worth..."
-Katy Perry- (Firework)

"Here I am, trying to keep you in my line of sight, I'm never certain that you read me right..."
-Billy Joel- (State Of Grace)

Good evening everyone.  Well..., somehow it happened last night, and more specifically, over the course of the whole weekend.  If you haven't been following this personal football saga of mine during the last week, I entered the weekend needing my fantasy team to win, while also needing 1 of the 2 opponents ahead of me in my division to lose in order for my Bikini Hill Bobcats to snare a playoff spot.  Heading into last night's Seahawks/Saints game, I had a 14-point lead on my opponent, but I was out of players, and he had still had Marques Colston and Steven Hauschka.  After Hauschka ended up with 10 points and Colston somehow only racked up 2, my Bobcats held on for a slim 100-98 victory.  While 1 of the 2 guys ahead of me in the division had already clinched a win for the weekend (he had Peyton Manning and Eric Decker on the same team, with 4 T.D. passes from Manning to Decker on Sunday, go figure...), the other opponent that I needed to lose was trailing by TWENTY-NINE points entering last night's MNF matchup, with only Russell Wilson remaining to play...  Yeah..., ONLY Russell Wilson...  By the time last night's game reached the half, Wilson had already scored 20 fantasy points, and only needed 10 more in the second half to sink me.  That's when Santa showed up...  :P  Wilson's scoring came to a screeching halt in the second half, especially in the fourth quarter, as the Seahawks were well on their way to a 34-7 victory, and he only score 28 for the game.  Yes, the final score of that fantasy contest was 92-91, and my Bobcats are now in the playoffs!!!

I am playing in an ESPN league for the first time, and in this 12-team league, the top 4 players qualified for the championship round of the playoffs.  To say that our league has parity is an understatement - the top 3 teams had 9-4 records, and my Bobcats finished at 8-4-1.  The unique aspect (to me) of our league is that each round of the playoffs lasts for two weeks.  That means that my semifinal round will start this weekend and will finish on Monday night, December 16th, and that the championship/third place matchups will begin the following weekend, while closing out on Monday, December 30th.  The buy-in for this league was 20 bucks, and the payouts to the top 3 finishers are 120/80/40.  Hopefully I'll cash, because I never win anything...  ;)  My plan is to do an entry here with the rosters of my opponent and my Bobcats once gametime nears on Sunday.  If either of us has any players in the Thursday night game, you'll surely know that also when I do my 'Football Friday' blog entry...  Neither here nor there, but in the semifinals I will be facing the guy who has won the league each of the last two years...  :)

I hope that everything is going well for you and I'll see you again on Thursday!


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