Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Night Football Sweat/Poker 1.10 (2)

"What if there were no hypothetical questions?..." -@GeorgeCarlinSez- (via Twitter)

Good evening everyone.  The first part of tonight's title refers to how I'll have to "sweat" this Seahawks/Saints football game in order to learn if I'll reach my league's fantasy football playoffs.  The good news is that my team put up 100 points over the weekend, which I believe is the benchmark for a decent week in fantasy (this isn't a PPR league).  The bad news is that my opponent had 86 points entering tonight's contest, and he still has Marques Colston and Steven Hauschka playing.  Hauschka has already kicked a field goal and an extra point, so the score is currently 100 to 90, late in the first quarter.  IN ADDITION to having to fend off this pair of players, I also need for one of the teams that I'm trailing in the standings to lose.  Heading into the night, the Dead Crickets had already clinched their playoff spot by winning over the weekend, so that means that I need Con Juevos to lose their game.  They entered the night down 29 points, but they still have Russell Wilson playing.  Wilson had two fantasy points on their first drive tonight.  I once clinched a playoff spot under these circumstances - let's hope that it happens again tonight...  #lowscores  ;)

In the meantime, let me tell you about my second crack at the $1.10 tournament on Bovada.  I played in the tourney at 9:50 p.m. on Friday.  We all started with 1,500 in chips, the blinds starting at 10/20, and rounds of 12 minutes each.  This time players could register for 65 minutes after the tourney began, as opposed to 30 minutes late the last time that I played it.  ***  Fantasy Football Update  ***  (The Seahawks just went up 17-0 on the Saints.  My lead is now down to 100-91, and Con Juevos only trails by 20 now in his matchup.  Maybe the shortest sweat ever...  :P).  Back to poker, I didn't play a hand in the 10/20 round, not a single hand...  Things changed in the 20/40 round.  Almost immediately, I looked down (on the monitor, I don't know) at A K off, UTG + 2.  I raised to 129, had 1 caller, and saw an 8-high, 3 club flop.  I c-bet 99, and was called.  This was almost 1/10 of my stack in the pot already, and I checked on the turn and the river when my hand didn't get any help.  The player behind me also checked, and beat me with pocket fives.  A few hands later I found K/J off UTG, and I raised to 99.  The same pocket fives guy was my only caller.  The flop came A K x, and I bet out 99, which got a fold from my opponent this time.  In the SB I limped in with 6 4, and 3 of us went to the flop.  I led out with a bet of 49 on a flop of A 6 J, and both of my opponents folded.  When the button got to me, with 2 limpers in front, I raised to 129 with A J off.  The flop came 9-high, with 2 hearts (I had none), and when the second player to act bet 303, I folded.

I entered the 30/60 round with 1,272 left in chips, and ran into one of those "what would you do?" hands...  In the small blind, I had 1170 left when I saw the following action in front of me:  A player who had just joined the table and lost a big hand right before this one shoved for 170.  A player with more chips than me called him, and I had pocket 9's.  This is like (is actually) the seventh-strongest starting hand according to Phil Hellmuth's list.  I decided to fold here, not wanting to commit such a large part of my stack with the blinds still relatively low, and so many overcards to 9's.  I'm only mentioning this hand because I would have won (of course)...  :(  The all-in guy with 170 had 9 8, and the caller had 4 4.  A nine hit the board on the turn, and I would have taken the pot with trips (unless 4 4 scared me off on the flop).    

This brings us to the 40/80 round, where UTG + 1, I raised to 259 with A A.  I had 2 callers as we viewed a 9 8 5 rainbow flop.  First to act, I shoved my remaining stack here, which was just more than the size of the pot (900ish/800-plus).  After the first player folded, the second villain called with his 9 9 - GAME OVER...  I finished 73rd of the 122 entrants who had joined the action up to that point, only 1/2 hour into the action...  We'll definitely try for a happier ending next time...

Well, there's now 7:54 left in the first half, and Seattle just hit a bomb inside the Saints' 25.  I'm still up 9 points, and Con Juevos is now down 18.  You'll probably watch this game with less stress than I will...  Have a good one, and I'll see you again on Wednesday!

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