Sunday, December 22, 2013

Life Is Just A Fantasy

"Life is just a fantasy, can you live this fantasy life?..." -Aldo Nova-

Good afternoon everyone.  Well, it's arrived - today is the first weekend of two in the championship round of the fantasy football league that I'm competing in.  I picked up two completely new players to start in my lineup today, and, well..., there are your starting lineups...

Bikini Hill Bobcats

C. Kaepernick, L. McCoy, D. Woodhead, Chris Johnson, K. Allen, Jacoby Jones, J. Witten, S. Janikowski, and the Seahawks defense...

Good Dotto

M. Stafford, D. Murray, D. Johnson, M. Colston, A.J. Green, A. Caldwell, V. Davis, S. Hauschka, and the Lions defense...

I have 2 players on the field in the early games, 5 in the late games, 1 going tonight, and another going tomorrow night.  My opponent has 5 players going at noon and 3 in action during the late games, with his final player on the field tomorrow night.  Good luck in your fantasy matchups (unless your players are in conflict with mine) and have a great football weekend!  ;)